The 10 Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in the USA (2023)

It's hard enough to fight addiction to drugs and substances. So when you add a mental illness into the equation, it becomes significantly more difficult for the patient to deal with — especially without help. is hereDual diagnosis treatment centersplay a crucial role.

There is a causality or some sort of relationship between addiction and mental health. Most often, substance abuse can arise or be exacerbated by mental health problems. This coexistence of addiction and mental health problems is calledCo-Occurring Disorder (COD) or Dual Diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers

There is always cause for concerndual diagnosis. This is because substance abuse can greatly aggravate the symptoms ofmental illness, or lead to the development of new ones. Therefore, professional treatment is required - the kind found only in the best treatment centers in the United States.

There is a large body of mental health problems affecting people in the United States and a large body of substance abuse. Taking into account the combination of both, each patient has to be looked after in a very specialized way, as no two are alike.

Therefore, it is important to get help fromBest Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in the US.Whether you're a patient, a loved one, or even a sponsor, it's important to start your journey to wellness with an informed step. With all the pertinent information in mind, here are theTop treatment centers in the USA.

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Top/Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in USA

  1. Oro House recreation centers

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Located in California, Oro House has one of the highest quality dual diagnosis rehabilitation programs available. This is thanks to a mix of the most successful aspects of substance abuse treatment and mental health care. This and its skilled team of PhDs and Masters Physicians make Oro House one of the premier dual diagnosis treatment centers in the United States.

The integrated care offered at Oro House was developed by pioneers in the field of integrative behavioral health and dual diagnosis rehabilitation treatment. Oro also offers Incidental Medical Services (IMS) to ensure safety during treatment. This is aimed at the patient's long-term recovery.

Oro reiterates its policy ofConnect, don't control, with its supportive therapy approach. It helps build customer trust and appreciation. Her strategy is integrative, involving family, spouse, and partner in the treatment approach.

To top it off, the Oro House is located in Malibu, one of the most beautiful places on earth. The main hub is on a horse ranch with stunning views of Zuma Beach. It has all the amenities you need and is designed for privacy. A luxurious slice of heaven. Nothing less than you would expect from one of the premier dual diagnosis treatment centers.

  1. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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For over 70 years, Hazelden Betty Ford has provided expert, compassionate and life-saving care to patients in need. They have 15 drug and alcohol treatment centers across the US with offices in California, New York, Florida, Minnesota and Illinois to name a few. The name is an ode to Betty Ford, known as the First Lady of Recovery, who shed light on the problem of drug addiction and the promise of not just treating it, but recovering from it.

Her approach is a holistic approach that is being emulated around the world, using principles and practices from the Twelve Steps. They include lay counsel, respect and compassion for the care recipient.

Hazelden Betty Ford's experienced doctors are your guarantee of effective treatment and recovery, with thorough training and research in the field. Personalized care is used to care for each patient and treat concomitant disorders. The truth issuperior dual diagnosis treatment centerFashion provides innovative recovery support services to Hazelden. This includes virtual training, mobile apps and self-help books.

  1. Caron treatment centers

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Caron is one of the premier dual diagnosis treatment centers in the United States. For 60 years he has pushed for innovative addiction treatments and fought for a lifetime of effective, uncompromising care for his patients. Caron makes treatment affordable through multiple insurance partnerships that help eliminate finance as the primary factor in choosing the best treatment centers in the US. Caron is internationally known for its commitment to behavioral therapy, prevention and medical education.

The team consists of full-time doctors with excellent qualifications who are always on site. They are world-class behavioral health and addiction treatment experts. They draw on family support and treatment, involving loved ones in educational workshops and family therapy to heal not just the patient but the entire family.

Caron has several locations. The Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment Center has gender segregated facilities. It is a primary and advanced rehabilitation residential home for all ages, from teenagers to seniors struggling with addiction. In Florida, the Caron Renaissance is a tranquil environment that lays the foundation for a stable and productive life. Discreet and luxurious, Caron Ocean Drive, also in Florida, caters mostly to the rich and influential.

  1. Foundation Harmony

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The Harmony Foundation has had an ongoing tradition of caring over its 50 years of existence. This makes it one of the best treatment centers in the United States. Harmony is one of the oldest and most successful. It is a 43 acre property in the Rocky Mountains near Estes Park, Colorado. It is a wonderful experience to take the first steps towards recovery in the Rocky Mountains.

The Harmony team has a combined 416 years of recovery care. They are compassionate experts with equal focus on psychological issues and addiction issues. To confirm success, 71% of patients are discontinued within a year of treatment.

The Harmony Foundation has developed several programs to provide holistic care for their patients' recovery. The Assessment and Detoxification Program is a short-term program in which the patient's detoxification is clinically monitored in order to break substance addiction as safely as possible. Inpatient treatment is available, with gender-segregated programs for men, women, and youth.

The intensive outpatient program uses a retreat approach that separates patients from technology and allows them to focus on healing. It is best suited for clients with busy schedules. The family support program is designed to help advance the whole family. Peer run support groups, including virtual ones, connect those beginning their journey of recovery with Harmony Foundation alumni.

One of the most important programs is the Recommitment to Recovery Program, a short-term inpatient treatment program for patients who relapse within a year of discharge.

  1. Rancho Sunset M

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Since 1968, Sundown M Ranch has been accompanying people on the path to recovery and restoration of their lives and relationships with loved ones. The number? Over 200,000. His motto "The patient is the reason we are here" was the driving force behind this achievement. It is licensed by the Washington State Department of Health, accredited by CARF, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and certified by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Not only is it one of the best treatment centers in the US, it is also one of the most affordable.

Sundown M Ranch is a 30 acre property at the entrance to the Yakima River Canyon. It is a safe and tranquil environment and provides a perfect setting for your healing journey. It has nationally recognized treatment programs and professionals who deliver them. Programs include adult treatment, youth addiction treatment, a family program and outpatient treatment. Most health insurance companies are accepted. Transportation to and from the Yakima Greyhound Bus Station and Yakima Airport is available upon request.

  1. Ashley's addiction treatment

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Ashley's treatment centers take a multifaceted and holistic approach to treatment. This includes good physical health, clinical support, education in recovery-based life skills, and initiation into a spiritual path that guides one's personal path to recovery.

The service is personalized, covering medical, clinical and psychological aspects and taking care of all incidents. The fallback program helps identify undiagnosed problems and triggers, as well as co-occurring problems. The Emerging Adult Program helps patients face their addiction with confidence, with a different approach to long-term recovery.

Basic life skills training and recovery therapy are also included. Pain relief treatment is holistic and aims to regain your health by freeing yourself from medication and the pain that is affecting you. Ashley Centers recognize that addiction affects entire families and offers services to help the entire family heal. With an intensive outpatient program, you will receive a personalized and affordable program with access to acupuncture, meditation and individual therapy.

Ashley Treatment was founded in 1983 and its 146 acre campus can only be described asa place full of soul. It is located on the Chesapeake Bay in one of the most peaceful places on earth. It truly is one of the best dual diagnostic centers in the US.

  1. the meadows

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The Meadows is a trusted name in trauma and addiction treatment. For over 40 years he has been at the forefront of helping trauma patients heal. Patients learn effective and necessary coping mechanisms even as the hidden effects of trauma come to light. There is an innovative, world-class brain center with neurobehavioural devices, all designed to achieve the same goal. To maintain the standard, there is a team of Senior Fellows who challenge The Meadows and its programs. Each member of this team is a global expert and researcher in their field. There is a survivor workshop, Survivor I, that is part of the internment program. It provides a safe and supportive environment while also illuminating the origins of addiction and mental illness.

It is located in Wickenburg, Arizona. There are several facilities such as the Claudia Black Young Adult Center for 18-26 year olds and Meadows Outpatient Centers that are recommended as a buffer for patients between receiving treatment and returning to their home and everyday life. Serenity View Recovery Center is another of their facilities that doubles as an inpatient addiction treatment center in Dallas, Texas. For you or a loved one, The Meadows is one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers.

  1. flag

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Proven. custom. Powerful. Fully aware of the individual nature of addiction and mental health issues, Pavilion offers you a unique and personal path to recovery. It is a private, not-for-profit drug addiction treatment center that provides CARF-accredited inpatient treatment for approximately 6 weeks. It is a state-of-the-art center with extensive and well-deserved experience in the management of comorbidities.

Its programs are tailored not only in terms of individual needs, but also gender and age, with an average consultant to patient ratio of 1 to 6. There is a vibrant alumni community and a wealth of shared experiences to help you can if you decide to start your journey. Treatment is multifaceted, the hallmark of a state-of-the-art dual diagnosis treatment center. The holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach contributes significantly to the alleviation of all triggers. It also helps with any obstacles you might encounter on your journey to wellness.

Pavilion is available in the Carolinas; Mill Spring and Wilmington in North Carolina and Greenville in South Carolina. These are the Pavilion, Pavilion by the Sea (outpatient) and Greenville (outpatient) centers.

  1. Rosecrance

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100 years later, Rosecrance is still serving patients and families affected by addiction and mental health disorders. The Rosecrance Center is a leader with results-based programs. The foundation of treatment is 12-step programming, which continues into recovery. The team is made up of passionate, compassionate, licensed, and highly trained professionals who work with you to identify and treat any co-occurring disorder.

At Rosecrance, special attention is paid to teenagers at this complex stage in life. Rapid changes and developments can exacerbate mental health problems if neglected. The teen residential campus features specialized teen programs - courtesy of highly qualified professionals. Teens struggling with abuse, impulse control, bipolar disorder, and depression, to name a few, will receive the best care at one of the top treatment centers in the United States.

Rosecrance has addiction treatment and recovery centers in Illinois; in Rockford, Chicago, McHenry County and Central Illinois. There are also centers in Wisconsin and Iowa.

  1. Cumberland Heights

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Cumberland Heights is a licensed, not-for-profit alcohol and drug treatment center. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee, on the banks of the Cumberland River. Located on 177 acres, it has excellent facilities to complement 50 years of service to people on a path to recovery.

High-quality care programs cover adults, young people and entire families. To quote the vision the founders had for the treatment center: “We want to have a place and a program that allows people to return to the original meaning of life to start anew.” To achieve this, Cumberland Heights uses the 12-step principle with therapeutic tools aimed at restoring productivity. In addition to the main campus, there are 2 12-level immersion campuses, 12 ambulatory recovery centers, and 4 sober dormitories. Persons aged 14 and over can participate in the gender-specific programs. It is possible to take a virtual tour of the campus.

During recovery, Cumberland Heights recognizes the need for continued positive support to prevent relapse. This support comes in the form of continued participation in the 12-step program, a good sponsor, a transfer to their sober homes instead of re-entering society, and direct alumni relationships. There are Sunday services that can be heard if you are unable to attend in person. All of this, along with the adjunctive therapy and outpatient treatment care, make Cumberland Heights one of the top treatment centers in the United States.

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