The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (2023)

While the 2010s lacked in great Christmas movies, the 2020s more than make up for it, and a picture of itDwayne Johnson and Chris Evans star in Christmas movie Red One, has just been unveiled. However, fans will have to wait a while longer for the star-studded holiday action film, as it won't be released until 2023.

Not that moviegoers pumped with Christmas cheer have nothing to watch in the meantime, as there were a slew of Christmas movies released in late 2022, even outside of the dozens of Hallmark-esque Christmas releases. Whether it is a legacy sequel ofa Christmas Story, a beer-drinking R-rated Santa or a musical by Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, there was so much Christmas cheer this year.


10 Noel's Diary (2022) - 6.1

Available to stream on Netflix

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (1)

While 2022 was a surprisingly good year for Christmas movies, there are still countless Hallmark Christmas movies for viewers to snuggle up to. And streaming platforms have taken inspiration from Hallmark, as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are now full of it too.

Noel's diaryis one of Netflix's forays into the holiday rom-com genre, and while Hallmark-style Christmas releases usually float in the top 5 in the movie database,Noel's diaryit beats the most with a 6.1. The film follows a best-selling author who returns home for the holiday season and embarks on an adventure to learn more about his past. While not terribly different from the other Christmas rom-coms,Noel's diarycertainly one of the most attractive.

9 Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022) - 6.2

Available to stream on Netflix

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (2)

Charles Dickens' classic Christmas novel has been retold countless times and everyone on Earth knows the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, who was being visited by the three Christmas spirits at the time. There have been all kinds of adaptations under the sun, be it a Muppet version, a technologically advanced motion capture version, or a veryBill Murray's modern update of the classic story.

That still hasn't stopped Netflix from making their own version, though, and this time aroundScrooge: A Christmas Carolis fully animated. The film received mostly negative reviews due to the bland-looking animation and music, but it's a great introduction to the classic toddler story, and Luke Evans and Olivia Colman put everything into the voice acting.

8 Something from Tiffany's (2022) - 6.3

Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (3)

Although most Christmas movies are materialistic, they usually end with a fitting moral that Christmas is about more than gifts. However, this is not the caseSomething from Tiffany's, about a woman who tracks down an engagement ring that has been wrongfully sent to its rightful owner. This leads to the two falling in love, and it's impossible to ignore the fact that the catalyst was a sparkling ring.

The materialistic nature of the film almost makes it a romantic comedy answerresonates across the board. However, there's still plenty of laughs and plenty of chemistry between Zoe Deutch and Kendrick Sampson.

7 Your Christmas or mine? (2022) - 6.4

Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (4)

Your Christmas or mine?It's Amazon Prime Video's best festive deal this holiday season, and unlike other streamed comedy Christmas movies of its kind, the film has a few recognizable faces. It stars Asa Butterfield as a naïve, lovesick young man, and in that sense he is very similar to his charactersex education, only with less wit and more sentimentality.

The film is about a couple, James (Butterfield) and Hayley (Cora Kirk), who have the same idea of ​​surprising each other in their respective British homes, but it leads them to spend Christmas with their families and without each other. . It's a fun premise that makes for a lot of fish-out-of-water comedy since the families are so different.

6 Spirited (2022) - 6.6

Available for streaming on AppleTV+

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (5)

Will Ferrell fans are desperate for a sequel to the Christmas classicElf, but that won't happen there, especially sinceFerrell turned down $28 million.Starring in a sequel, a new and original Christmas movie starring the comedy actor is the next best thing.energeticis another adaptation of the Dickens story, but its star power and production make it so much more than just a show.

The movie delivers exactly what viewers want to see as it's quite an entertaining Christmas movie with some hilarious musical numbers and two of the biggest movie stars working today. And it even includes a reference to Ferrell's previous 2004 Christmas film, but the gag might do more damage than anything, as it reminds audiences of a far better Christmas comedy than the one they're watching.

5 The 12 days of Christmas Eve (2022) - 6.6

Available to stream on Direct TV

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (6)

The 12 days of Christmas Eveis a Lifetime film that has managed to garner a lot more attention than its peers thanks to starring Kelsey Grammer. Typically well spoken, charismatic and entertaining, Grammer drives the film through and through, and the film wouldn't be half as entertaining if a lesser actor were in his place.

The film follows a businessman (Grammer) who dies in a car accident on Christmas Eve and is given 12 chances to repeat the day and mend his broken relationships so the same disaster doesn't happen. It's an interesting take on a time warp and an intriguing mix in betweenGroundhog DayjIt's a beautiful life.

4 A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) - 6.8

Available to stream on HBO Max

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (7)

The last movie anyone would have expected with a legacy sequel is 1983.a Christmas Story, and while it's not even remotely necessary,A Christmas Story ChristmasHBO Max came 39 years later, but more impressive than the time difference is that it's actually a worthy sequel to the holiday classic.

The 2022 film pays homage to the original, doesn't rely on fanservice and surprisingly brings back almost the entire original cast after nearly 40 years. Although some longtime fans of the original filmI think A Christmas Story Christmas is terrible, even adds layers to the series as it is far more candid than its predecessor and the ending cleverly ties into the first film in a way no one expected.

3 Guardians of the Galaxy Weihnachtsspecial (2022) – 7.0

Available to stream on Disney+

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (8)

AlthoughGuardians of the Galaxy WeihnachtsspecialIt might not exactly be a feature film, the Disney+ release certainly had a bigger budget than most Christmas movies released this year, and it was a lot more festive too. Few releases this year embraced the spirit of Christmas more than the holiday special, as it was all about family and making the season special for loved ones.

The special is surprisingly devoid of any materialism and even manages to eschew the darker humor that writer-director James Gunn is also known for. There's no more positive Christmas movie this year than the Marvel release and theThe Guardians Christmas special was very revealingalso in the grand scheme of the MCU as it needs to be seen beforehandGuardians of the Galaxy Bd. 3.

2 Powerful Night (2022) - 7.1

Cannot be streamed or rented

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (9)

violent nightis the only Christmas movie to hit theaters this year, but there hasn't been a better Christmas release on the big screen than thisJohn Docht-Movie influenced. But oddly enough, most R-rated Christmas comedies are about Santas in malls,violent nightit actually depicts a real-life magical Santa Claus (David Harbour).

The film has already become oneBest David Harbor Movies, as he's perfectly cast as Kris Kringle, a trigger-happy beer drinker. The film is a mix ofHome alone, all latest gun fu movies andBlack widow, as Harbor's portrayal of Santa contains references to the equally hilarious Red Guardian.

1 Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022) - 7.8

Available to stream on Fubo

The 10 Best Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked According to IMDb (10)

Surprisingly, Hallmark's best Christmas movie of the year was released as a TV movieThree Wise Men and a Babyit has a strong 7.8 in the database. While the film has far fewer votes on IMDb than the other Christmas releases, it still has far more than any other Hallmark film.

However, that might be because it has a derived name and premise from the famous 80's sitcom,three men and a baby. But even if viewers tuned in thinking it was some sort of sequel or remake, that doesn't change the fact that they actually enjoyed the film. With aThree Men and a Baby remake is currently in development, has amazing competition.


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