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Jurassic World Evolution 2 von Frontier Developmentswas not only indispensable as a continuation of a successful game, but also as a licensed link to the next one.Jurassic World: DominionMovie. I've always said that the management simulator genre is one of the most logical places to start for a licensee.Jurassic Parkvideo game. Finally,Jurassic Park: Operation Genesisfrom 2003 is still considered a cult classic among fans.

Considering his success withPlanet CoastersePlanetenzoo;Frontier Developments is perhaps best suited to create an awesome theme park management simulator based on the popular franchise. Unfortunately, the results so far have been pretty mixed.

Although I managed to find some fun in 2018Development of the Jurassic World, was held back by fairly simple mechanics, rudimentary AI, and lots of bugs. Still, it gained enough fan base that a sequel was assured.

Despite my mixed feelings about the first game, I was really excited to see howJurassic World Evolution 2he finished it. Previews and trailers looked promising, with the addition of aquatic and flying animals, more complex dinosaur AI, and a host of management and core feature tweaks.

While Frontier Developments definitely made a number of positive changes to the first game's formula,Jurassic World Evolution 2still much to improve.

Jurassic World Evolution 2
Publisher: Frontier Developments
Desenvolvedor: Frontier Developments
Platform: Windows PC (revised), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Release date: November 9, 2021
Player: 1
Preis: 59,99 $

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Jurassic World Evolution 2The campaign acts as a continuation of the previous game; as well as a prequel to the nextJurassic World: DominionFilm.

After the extremely stupid and fabricated events ofJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Dinosaurs are now spreading all over the world. Large herds of herbivores have taken over many national parks, and carnivorous dinosaurs that turn humans into tasty snacks are a daily fear for many people in rural areas.

Owen and Claire are now working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services as part of a special task force responding to dinosaur-related calls. Their main task is to track down, capture and relocate problem animals. Several other characters from the game and previous films also appear, including Ian Malcom and Dr. Wu.

as inDevelopment of the Jurassic World, only Jeff Goldblum actually voices his character in the game while the rest is played by actors doing very poor impersonations of Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard.

Not that Jeff Goldblum really adds much to the game; Its performance sounds as sharp as the first game. Ian Malcom's character was basically reduced to "that crazy old boomer who's always rambling on about chaos".

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The campaign is very short and will probably only last about three hours. In theory it works like an advanced tutorial, but in practice it doesn't even lend itself to that. Many basic mechanics are not even mentioned during the game. The campaign honestly feels rushed and thrown in to tie the films together because a Universal Studios executive said it had to be there.

It also ends on a cliffhanger that suggests some animals are being taken to secret facilities for unknown reasons. So I supposeJurassic World: Dominionwill follow the entire military test dinosaur test for the third consecutive year.

Luckily, a short, mediocre campaign isn't what you're playing for.Jurassic World Evolution 2🇧🇷 The real heart of the game is various challenge scenarios, sandbox playgrounds and the new Chaos Theory mode.

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Chaos Theory consists of five "what if" scenarios loosely based on itJurassic ParkStory. These include missions such as taking control of the original Jurassic Park or attempting to complete the second film's incomplete Jurassic Park San Deigo installations. Some of them delve into the gaps between films; such as the Masrani Corp's operation to capture dinosaurs from Site B for the construction of Jurassic World.

Chaos Theory quests vary in complexity, difficulty, and general objectives. Many of these are pseudo-tutorials covering park management concepts not mentioned in the lackluster campaign.

They usually block certain content until you reach certain goals, and they usually start with a little bit of control. Later, you can pursue your mission goals with a greater degree of freedom.

The challenge maps are more open-ended and are meant to really test your skills in running a dinosaur theme park. This mode has difficulty settings that determine how frequent or devastating random or scripted events can be, with the overall goal of achieving a 5-star park rating.

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Whichever mode you choose, you'll spend most of your time in itJurassic World Evolution 2will be dedicated to creating a profitable dinosaur theme park that balances the needs of its guests and animals.

Many of the core mechanics that govern the construction and management of your theme park remain largely unchanged from the original. You start with an arrival point for your guests and an operations center. From there you can design, build and outfit your park with genetically engineered theme park monsters.

As for the guests, they need a few important things. Hotels, observation decks to see your dinosaurs, rides like gyrospheres or park rides, restrooms, amenities to spend your hard-earned cash on, and shelters to escape storms and angry dinosaurs.

Guest management is a bit straightforward, but not as tedious as it sometimes was in the original game. Their guests are relatively easy to please and usually just want restrooms and at least one restaurant, gift shop and concession stand at regular intervals as they walk through the park.

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Each amenity can be customized with modules aimed at specific types of guests. These types of guests can generally be described as standard-norm visitors, eco-tourists and animal lovers, thrill-seekers and rich tourists with lots of money to spend.

Each type of attraction and dinosaur attracts specific types of guests. Then, if you find that your amenity sales are declining, you can customize the modules you install to meet the needs of guests in different areas of the park.

Dinosaur management, on the other hand, is a bit more complex this time. It's still mostly about building paddocks, raising dinosaurs in incubators, and customizing each compartment to fit the needs of the dinosaurs you want to fill it with. Added a lot of cool improvements and detailsJurassic World Evolution 2.

For one, herbivores no longer need automatic feeders that you have to constantly refill manually. Instead, there are a variety of plants that you can scatter around the enclosure for the herbivores to graze on. The diet of herbivores can be divided into leaves, fiber, fruits and nuts. All you have to do is find the right balance of plants in your exhibit that will produce the right food for the dinosaurs within.

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Each dinosaur also has a list of species it can happily coexist with. These housing preferences weren't as clearly defined in the original game. They are now described directly for you to make creating large multi-species exhibits much easier.

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Dinosaur AI is also much more complex and realistic. Dinosaur comfort isn't as demanding as it used to be. Unlike the first game, I haven't seen as many instances of dinosaurs getting mad at the number of trees being 1% below their ideal preferences and trying to escape.

Socializing and hunting in packs is now more complicated and also more developed. In the original game, pack hunters like raptors fought other species in one-on-one duels. Now they will all huddle together and try to defeat larger opponents. Battles are more dynamic, with better animation quality. The range of attacks an animal can use also expands depending on its various combat stats.

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Alphas and battles for dominance are another mechanic that has been fleshed out in detail in the sequel, although it's not explained very well in-game. On one level, my captors kept getting into fights despite having 100% comfort. After doing some research, I found that this was because the Alpha was viewed as weak by the rest of the pack, leading to struggles for dominance.

This means that with certain species you'll want to tweak your genetics to improve your stats and combat abilities. When a significantly stronger dinosaur is the alpha, there will be less fighting for dominance within the pack.

While the dinosaur AI has been greatly improved in every respect, there is one area where it has been seriously messed up: flying animals.Jurassic World Evolution 2adds aviaries and ponds, two highly requested features that expand the variety of prehistoric animals you can have in your park. Unfortunately, aviaries are pretty broken at the moment.

Your flying reptiles have so many bugs and AI quirks that it's probably not even worth adding to your park. Currently, flying animals are only programmed to land on certain things; like the viewing platforms you install for guests. If they don't find a perch, they literally fly to their deaths from exhaustion. Worse, sometimes they just fly away and fly in the same place forever.

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This can sometimes be fixed by sending a capture team to the aviary to calm them down and reset their AI. Unfortunately, the nature of aviaries means your capture teams must enter the aviary hatchery and use drones to get to your flying reptiles.

They also enjoy jumping, which results in drones flying aimlessly around the aviary instead of completing their assigned task. Luckily, Frontier Developments has announced that it will let flying animals land on rocks and solve other problems.

Although these beetles are mainly regulated for flying animals, they nonetheless appear elsewhere from time to time. Occasionally dinosaurs will crash and need to be "reset" by calming them down. I also found several instances of dinosaurs breaching fences to escape or attack guests.

Oh, and at times the game has incredibly horrific ragdoll physics. This is most evident when jeeps are driven anywhere except on perfectly flat surfaces and when transporting sauropods and other really large dinosaurs.

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Taking care of your dinosaurs is pretty much the same as in the original game. You must construct deployment facilities throughout the park to serve as bases for your rangers and capture teams.

Rangers can be assigned to outposts that they patrol, checking the status of all dinosaurs in the area, and restocking feeding stations. Capture teams operate from helicopters and are used to sedate dinosaurs that have escaped their enclosure or need to be sedated for treatment.

Speaking of treatment,Jurassic World Evolution 2added a new type of maintenance staff; Mobile veterinary units operating in their paleomedical facilities. When a dinosaur gets injured, you need to send an MVU to diagnose what's going on.

MVUs can administer medication and treat minor injuries on-site. For more complicated issues, an animal will need to be sedated and taken to your paleomedical facility.

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While rangers, capture teams, and MVUs do most of the fieldwork, your scientists manage the backend. Each scientist is a character with their own biography, stats, and perks. Whenever you need to research a new technology, treat an injured dinosaur, send someone to a dig site, extract DNA from fossils, or create new dinosaurs for your park, assign your scientists to the task.

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Each scientist has three main stats - logistics, medicine, and genetics - that determine how well suited they are to specific tasks. Sometimes you need to use multiple scientists for more complicated tasks.

Every scientist also has an advantage; B. working for a lower wage, working faster when certain tasks are assigned, or improving the statistics of the scientists they work with. Your scientists' core stats can be improved through training, although each stat has a fixed cap that varies from scientist to scientist.

Regardless of the tasks you assign, every job scientists do causes stress. When they are very stressed, they become unhappy, which reduces their productivity. As you keep pushing the scientists, they will eventually start sabotaging your operations in various ways.

Yes, they brought back the universally despised sabotage mechanic from the first game. Luckily, sabotage is pretty easy to avoid if you only give your overworked scientists a vacation every now and then.

Many changes to dinosaur management and AI are welcome additions. Unfortunately, they also introduce many tedious and boring micromanagement tasks that add nothing to the experience except the grunt work. It's great that you no longer have to refill the feeders manually, but this has been replaced with manually refilling your reaction and paleomedicine facilities.

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They also no longer have unlimited access to up-to-date information on all dinosaurs. Your rangers should be assigned to posts that they patrol and then manually scan any dinosaurs within range of the post. After a certain time, the status check expires.

This wouldn't be so annoying if rangers didn't sometimes get stuck in terrain or have trouble navigating their assigned task. Eventually they will get there, but their path certainly leaves a lot to be desired at times.

MVU is another nice change, but more complex injuries are too common and tedious. Being alerted to an injury is annoying. This means you have to send out an MVU to scan the dinosaur and then manually tell them to treat it if it's a simple injury or an illness that you have medication for. Apparently they are too stupid to do this alone.

If it's something that requires the use of your paleomedical lab, you'll need to send a capture team to calm the dinosaur down, then transport it to the hospital, hire a scientist to treat it, and then send it back him transport cabinet.

It doesn't help that injuries happen all too often, and often for no apparent reason. It makes sense if the dinosaur was involved in a fight, but I've seen many situations where a dinosaur suddenly suffered concussion or severe organ trauma for seemingly no reason.

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In one case, a Gallimimus suffered an injury in a paddock I was working on. When I scanned it I discovered it was a concussion. I saw the dinosaur all the time - he was just walking around doing nothing and having a concussion.

It turned out that the scientists were wrong with all their theories. It wasn't a meteor or the ice age or any plague that wiped out the dinosaurs. It was like dinosaurs had concussions or spontaneous fractures while just walking and existing.

The epitome of tedious work and micromanagement inJurassic World Evolution 2are the storms. In the first game, storms were mostly an annoyance to deal with for a few minutes every now and then. In theJurassic World Evolution 2, Storms can be absolutely devastating.

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There are times when a storm is brewing and you decide to give your best Vin Diesel impression by executing donuts and high-speed drifts through your park as if it were a sentient being, aiming for every building and enclosure, that you have. It's possible for a single tornado to financially ruin a park you spent hours creating, destroying the fences of nine of its ten exhibits and severely damaging 87% of the buildings.

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Now dinosaurs are everywhere and you don't have the money to fix everything necessary just to get the park up and running again at a basic level. I've had storms so devastating that I hadn't repaired the damage when another came. At this point you just discard everything and restart the scenario.

Part of the overwhelming nature of storms has to do with changes in storm protection. In the original game, this was controlled by Storm Defense Structures, which provided a degree of resistance to nearby structures.

Now it's a module that you must install in every building, taking up valuable space that could be used for something more desirable. This system also does not help protect your fences. In my experience, most of the time, tornadoes just laugh at your storm defense modules and destroy everything anyway.

Hopefully many of these pesky micromanagement issues will be addressed in an upcoming patch that will mitigate storms, as well as the frequency of combat, disease, and injury. However, at the moment they are a major irritation that could seriously affect your enjoyment of the game.

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My last big complaint is thatJurassic World Evolution 2a real sandbox mode is still missing. This was one of the main complaints many people had with the first game, and unfortunately Frontier Developments failed to address it.

Similar to the originalJurassic World Evolution 2Sandbox mode requires you to unlock everything through the other modes. This could easily take more than 50 hours or more depending on how often you have to restart scenarios due to the strong storms.

Even with everything unlocked, sandbox mode is still very limited. There aren't enough options to tweak to customize your experience. Worse, the game suffers from the same map size issues as the original, with even the largest maps feeling too cramped for the sheer number of species you can clone.

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Jurassic World Evolution 2It's a game I have very mixed feelings about. As someone who likes dinosaurs,Jurassic Park, and Management Sims, it's easy to fall into a trance while playing. Hours can fly by as you design enclosures, set up trails for your safari tours, and extract DNA from fossils to unlock more dinosaurs to populate your park.

One of the thingsDevelopment of the Jurassic WorldWhat really succeeded was having a huge selection of highly detailed dinosaurs that looked, sounded, acted and moved exactly like their movie counterparts.

About the,Jurassic World Evolution 2is a complete success and provides even more variety with aviaries and ponds. The original (as well asPlanet Zoo) have tons of animal packs, so I'm sure the overwhelming number of dinosaurs you can display in your park will only increase in the coming months.

At the same time,Jurassic World Evolution 2has a long list of problems to deal with. As previously mentioned, Frontier Developments has announced that it will address the issues with storms, fighting, injuries, and flying animals.

This will surely help resolve many of my complaints about the game. However, some issues, like all that tedious micromanagement, limited sandbox options, and various AI bugs and glitches will remain. The aviary in particular requires a lot of work considering how flawed flying animals are.

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Although my complaints are numerous, I still enjoyed it.Jurassic World Evolution 2more, I was frustrated by it. It's already better than the original in many ways, and with a few more patches and DLC, it's likely to be a great theme park management game. For now, I personally recommend waiting to see how the game improves over the coming months.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 was reviewed on a Windows PC using a copy provided by Frontier Developments. Please see Niche Gamer's Review/Ethics Policy for more informationon here.


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