How to unsubscribe from Orangetheory? - Cancel How (2023)

Everyone today knows how important fitness is in their life. Whether the workout involves the tranquility of yoga or the power of cardio, people choose what works best for them. Orangetheory is a great option for strength training, but if this fitness workout isn't doing much for you, you can cancel your Orangetheory membership at any time.

Orangetheory is a one-hour full-body workout that focuses primarily on strength and endurance training. His special training methods help people burn more calories after a workout than they ever did with traditional exercise and physical training. These intense sessions can be perfect when you need quick results.

If you do not wish to continue your Orangetheory membership, you can cancel at any time. It's best to cancel your subscriptionGo to the site in person and ask them to cancel your subscription. You can also opt for thisWrite a certified emailfor the same andSubmit it to the Orangetheory Academy location, prompting them to terminate their membership.

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What is special about Orangetheory?

All you have to do is choose your fitness goals and Orangetheory will help you achieve them. Orangetheory can be the best competitor for you that motivates you to be on the right path. Your workouts includeHigh Intensity Interval Training or HIITand sometraditional cardio approach that would improve your fitness. they use tooHeart rate based interval training that helps you burn more calories after a workout.

Members can also find out about theirsReal-time results with your heart rate monitors showing the results on a big screen in your studio. This is an effective training technique and itsProfessional fitness trainers are of great help in maintaining your strength and preventing overtraining.

Orangetheory Membership Plans

If you are visiting Orangetheory for the first time, you can get a free training session before you start taking the courses. According to them, there are basically three levels of membership plans.

subscription plansclass accessfees
basic package4 lessons per month$69 per month / $18 per person for additional courses
Elite package8 courses per month$99 to $109 per month
Premiere subscription packageUnlimited workoutsabout $159 per month.

1. The basic package

When you purchase a Basic Package subscription, you getAccess to approx. 4 lessons per month.You can purchase this membership at various Orangetheory locations$69 per month and you have to pay $18 each for additional courses.

2. The Elite Pack

With the Elite Pack subscription, you canreceive up to 8 lessons per can get it tooAdditional courses at reduced pricesby class. There are different site fees for this package and basicallyranges from $99 to $109 per month.

3. Pacote Premiere Membership

The third package for members thereAccess to unlimited workouts.You also get theTake advantage of bringing a family member to your workouts at discounted guest rates. You will be asked to payabout $159 per monthto get this membership.

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Why do you want to cancel your Orangetheory subscription?

Orangetheory promises many health benefits with its fitness training techniques, but that doesn't mean it really works for everyone. Everyone has a specific body type, stamina, and endurance strength, and you can't put them all in one category. In addition, there can be several other reasons to cancel your Orangetheory subscription.

1. It doesn't work well with your health.

orangetheory physical traininginvolves high-intensity, strenuous exercise. These types of workouts can give you quick results, but not everyone is cut out for them and you need to keep this in mind, being healthy doesn't mean spending hours in the gym training your body. Not surprisingly, so many popular faces we knew lost their lives due to the side effects of this intense workout. Only select this option if you are familiar with your training methods.

2. Expensive enough

Another issue that may lead to your decision to cancel is the pricing of your subscriptions. You know there are a variety of gym and health club options out there for you to choose from, and many of them have really reasonable and affordable prices. Some might find itOrangetheory fees are too highand they can find options somewhat similar to it but affordable.

3. Other reasons

Let's be honest here. We all know that health and fitness is important and we all give lectures about it, but many of us don't feel like starting and sticking with a fitness workout. Some may want to cancel their membership ifdon't want to keep up with the hard work and some may be too busy to take time for themselves. Personal reasons may cause you to cancel your subscription.

Can I cancel my Orangetheory subscription?

Yes, like any other gym or fitness center you can cancel your Orangetheory subscription. However, you should also keep in mind that you will be asked to30 days in advancefor canceling membership. You still have to pay next month's fees. There areno online methodTo cancel your subscription, you can easily do thisgo there in person or write an emailfor the same. Shedoes not allow you to cancel your subscription by phone or email. Also, your membership contract will only be canceled if you pay within the next month after 30 days' notice.

How can you cancel the Orangetheory membership?

There are two accepted methods of canceling your Orangetheory membership.

1. Unsubscribe personally from Orangetheory

>You can cancel your Orangetheory subscription by visiting the gym in person. You will be prompted to do thisgo to your local Orangetheory studio of which you are a member.

>You can ask the representative or staff about itMembership Cancellation Form.

>You should provide all necessary information on the form, e.g. B. Yourspersonal and affiliation information.

>Also make sure youKeep a copy of the form with you.

2. Unsubscribe from Orangetheory via email

>write an E-Mailfor cancellation of subscription, which you send to the location of the gym.

> in the mail,Ask them to cancel their Orangetheory subscriptionand also provide any necessary details such as your personal information and member information that they may require to verify your identity.

> think about itAdd your signatures in the mail and send it to the correct addressfrom your Orangetheory location.

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Can you unsubscribe from Orangetheory online? Cancel Orangetheory subscription in the app

No, you cannot cancel your Orangetheory membership online or via the app.If you wish to cancel your Orangetheory membership, you must do sopersonally go to the gymfor it or you can also complete the processEmail them about your situation and your decision to withdraw. However, if you still have questions and would like to speak to a gym representative, visit the customer service page of the official website and find the contact information for your local gym.

You can also try calling the main phone number(954) 530-6903if you want to ask something related to your academy or club. However, other than a personal visit and email, there is no other way to unsubscribe.

Cancel Orange Theory Subscription - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orangetheory's cancellation fee?

orange theoryno subscription cancellation fee. You must submit your cancellation 30 days in advance and must pay for the next month. However, if you cancel aOrangetheory lessons so you have to pay around $10-$12and fees vary by location.

Can you cancel Orangetheory at any time? When should you cancel your Orangetheory course to avoid fees?

Yes, if you are unable to take part in the Orangetheory course, you can of course unsubscribe at any time.However, if you do not want to pay the penalty or avoid a cancellation fee, it is best to cancel your class at least 8 hours before the class starts. If youIf you cancel 8 hours before the class starts, you may not have to pay the penalty.

Can you freeze your Orangetheory membership?

Yes, members can freeze their Orangetheory membership.If for whatever reason you are unable to attend the Orangetheory courses, you can of course pause or freeze your subscription for up to 3 months. Visit the Orangetheory website for more information.

Can I get a refund for canceling Orangetheory?

If you're not happy with Orangetheory's services (that's a good reason, you can unsubscribe for any reason), they willoffer you a 30-day refund. However, to qualify for a refund,Members must have attended 12 courses in the first month.

Wrap up

Orangetheory could be a perfect option if you're interested in high-intensity fitness and exercise, but if you're not, you can always cancel your subscription by following the steps discussed above. You can also freeze your Orangetheory membership if you don't want to cancel them but also badly need a break from them.

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