Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (2023)

family manhas taken the Griffin family on many wild adventures, and some of the craziest and most bizarre involve Stewie and Brian traveling through manTime travel episodes. time Machinefamily manShenanigans don't feature in every episode, though, so the ones where Stewie and Brian time travel are always memorable. Stewie and Brian often have flings in Brian and Stewiefamily manThe episodes bring out the best (and worst) in each other, especially when it comes to time travel. The couple became a fan favorite whofamily manhe has dedicated several episodes to Brian and Stewie, many with a personalized opening. Brian and Stewie's time travel episodes like "Road to Germany" or "Back to the Pilot" are probably the most memorable.

One of Brian and Stewie's favorite pastimes is using Stewie's time machine in thefamily manTime travel episodes. Althoughfamily manDue to its relatively grounded nature, time travel has been a part of the world of the series almost from the beginning. The first season showed Stewie building the time machine to avoid teething pain. although differentfamily manThe characters used the device to go back and forth in time,Stewie and Brian's criminal activitiesthey are often the focus of time travel shenanigans. Stewie and Brian used the time machine to have a lot of fun and provide some of the most emotional moments in the show's history. everyone is herefamily manEpisode where Stewie and Brian travel back in time.


the road to germany

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (1)

The first offamily manThe time travel episodes that Stewie and Brian embark on came in Season 7 Episode 3, "Road to Germany". The episode opens with Mort Goldman stumbling upon Stewie's time machine at the Griffin house, after mistaking it for a bathroom. Stewie and Brian decide that they must follow Mort back in time to bring him back. This takes them to Germany in 1939 on the brink of World War II (which, despite the Holocaust jokes, is not the case).The Darkest Place Family Guy Takes Stewie).

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In "Road to Germany", they quickly find Mort, but realize that the return platform is broken. Brian, Mort, and Stewie travel to England while being hunted by the Nazis for more uranium fuel, which powers this version of the return block. They manage to get the uranium after Stewie impersonates Hitler and they return home safely 30 seconds before Mort originally walked into Stewie's room. To make sure these events don't repeat themselves, Stewie kills the time-traveling Mort by placing him in the time machine and blowing it up.

Big Bang Theory

The next moment Stewie and Brian time travel happened infamily manSeason 9 Episode 6 titled “The Big Bang Theory”. The episode is not a crossover with the hit TBS sitcom of the same name, but rather oneRick y Morty/family manhybrid story about Stewie being nearly erased from the universe. It begins with Stewie using the time machine to taunt Brian, leading the two friends to fight over control of it. This leaves the space-time continuum and Stewie discovers that he created the universe with the Big Bang.

After returning at the right time, Stewie's half-brother Bertram decides to use the time machine to erase Stewie from existence. This forces Stewie and Brian to go back in time once more to try to stop him, leading Stewie to learn that Leonardo da Vinci is his ancestor. A twisted turn of events forces Stewie to kill Bertram (one of them).Stewie's Best Rivals) and become his own ancestor before returning to the present.

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back to pilot

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (3)

family manIn Season 10 Episode 5, "Back to the Pilot," Brian and Stewie take a very different journey through time. It begins with Brian wishing he could find a tennis ball he buried ten years ago and offering to take Stewie's canine companion back in time to find out where he is. This takes her back to the pilot episode offamily man, but Stewie and Brian mess up the timeline when Brian recounts his 9/11 past.

The chain reaction of events that happened from this detail puts the US in a post-apocalyptic state in the near future. Brian and Stewie travel back in time to try to fix the timeline. That didn't work at first either.Brian's Originschanges, and is now the author of theharry potterbooks instead. The duo travel back in time once more, encountering multiple versions of themselves from different futures. It only ends when the original Stewie prevents him and Brian from going back in time.

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Yug Ylimaf

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (4)

The next time travel adventure starring Brian and Stewie takes place infamily manSeason 11, Episode 4, "Yug Ylimaf." It begins with Brian using Stewie's time machine to pick up women and unknowingly increasing the travel counter. He tries to reduce the counter but breaks the machine in the process (this trick is typical disgruntled dog behavior and one of manyReasons why Quagmire hates Brian).

As he and Stewie try to fix it, the machine explodes, causing time around him to recede at an exponential rate. They race against a clock to fix the passage of time before Stewie is born. Stewie runs out of time as his birth approaches and asks Brian to finish the repairs. Brian manages to fix the time machine and the time stream, arriving at the hospital just as Stewie is reincarnated.

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Brian's life

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (5)

family manSeason 12, Episode 6, "Life of Brian" is one of the most memorable of the series because it isFamily Guy episode where Brian dies. However, the episode opens with him and Stewie on another time travel adventure. They return to Jamestown after giving weapons to the Native Americans for protection on a previous adventure. After the original versions of Stewie and Brian disappear, the new ones approach the Native Americans and recover the weapons. They then return to the present and destroy the time machine after having too many near-death experiences. Unfortunately, not long after that, Brian is hit by a car and Stewie is unable to go back in time to prevent this or rebuild the time machine.

christmas boy

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (6)
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The nextTime Adventures in Family Guycomes just two episodes later. Technically, Brian isn't accompanying Stewie on the trip down memory lane, but the dog is an integral part of the story nonetheless. Stewie is at the mall and meets Santa when he sees a different version of himself in the store before Brian's death. He comes up with the idea of ​​taking Stewie's return notebook so he can go back in time and rescue Brian. Stewie successfully travels back in time and saves Brian from being hit by the car. Stewie then sends the pad back to the present and disappears after changing the timeline.

Stewie, Chris and Brian's Excellent Adventure

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (7)

The ultimate time travel adventure between Stewie and Brian infamily manit came in season 13, episode 7 titled "The excellent adventure of Stewie, Chris and Brian". The episode revolves around Chris (voiced from season 1 onwards).Seth Green after leaving Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is about to pass the ninth grade unless he can pass his next history test. Stewie and Brian finally try to help Chris study and realize that normal study techniques don't work for him. They then take Chris on a journey through history that allows him to learn about the Louisiana Purchase, meet Ernest Hemingway, and board the Titanic. While Chris hasn't retained knowledge of this adventure, it did result in the death of one of his history teacher's ancestors, giving him a new one who doesn't care so much about grades.

bebe stewie

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (8)

While not your typical Stewie and Brian adventure, it is one of thefamily manTime Travel Episodes is technically the 15th episode of season 18, "Baby Stewie." The episode sees Brian the dog from Family GuyPointing out to Stewie that he will lose his intelligence during puberty. He convinces Stewie that this is true when he shows him a video of Chris Griffin being smart when he was a baby. In return, Stewie decides to stop the aging process by rearranging his DNA.

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In the process, he accidentally turns back into a normal boy. Unable to take a real baby Stewie, Brian decides to go back in time to convince Stewie that Chris's video was actually a prank by playing it backwards. Although the episode doesn't feature Stewie and Brian's normal type of time travel adventures, the episode is heavily based on the time machine itself and is worth noting for the abundance of Brian and Stewie laughing out loud.

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Family Guy 9/11 episode with time travel caused a lot of controversy

Family Guy: Every time Brian and Stewie went back in time (9)

family manis no stranger to controversy, and until the adult animation boom of the late 2000s, it was competitive.south park onlyin terms of scandalous moments. One moment that continues to upset audiences, however, is the 9/11-focused Brian and Stewie season 10 time travel episode "Back To The Pilot." The episode caused a stir when it first aired in 2011 and continued to make headlines years later when it was repeated live on television. Lines like "We did it, Brian, we made 9/11 possible! Give me five!"and the general premise of having to cause the 9/11 attacks was uncomfortable for many viewers and many others who had never seen the show but nevertheless used the Internet to voice their concerns. Although theAuthors of Family Guystruggled to keep the criticism self-centered, with Stewie joking,"Wow. That probably wouldn't look good without context!"Immediately after the aforementioned joke, many felt that this was the manit has definitely gone too far.

However, this controversy was not enough to stop him.Family man,and the show remains on the air more than a decade manit was canceled for a while, but that was long before "Back To The Pilot" aired. While many found time travelfamily manThe 9/11 episode was labeled nasty, many commenters correctly pointing out that the intent was clearly social commentary. The episode was not rated for the show that way.nervous family manHe was no longer a stranger to 9/11 hoaxes. This is important because complaints of this nature have much more value when viewers are tempted to incorporate difficult topics into their media diet through programs that normally avoid them. Back To The Pilot also made some astute observations about the impact of 9/11 on the United States, and what the 21st century would have been like if it had been avoided: it's certainly awkward, but nothing too off-limits for those inevitable succession manThe topic may have been controversial, but that's to be expected from a show that appeals to its fans of dark, edgy humor.

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