Does diabetes remission mean you are cured? (2023)

you can't healdiabetes, but you may be able to reverse or relieve symptoms with lifestyle changes. This article describes steps you can taketype 2 diabetesease.

Does diabetes remission mean you are cured? (1)

What is diabetes reversal?

Consider type 2 diabetesChronic, which means it is a lifelong condition. However, new research has found that reversing diabetes is possible if you take steps to stabilize blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Reversing diabetes means your body responds significantly betterinsulin. This means your blood sugar levels are within a healthy range and you don't need to take diabetes medications.

The measures used to diagnose diabetes areGlycated hemoglobin, which shows the average blood sugar level over two or three months. People with diabetes have an A1C of 6.5% or higher.Studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes can be successfully cured of their disease simply by dropping below this level.

eat a nutritious diet

diet and diabetesMove forward hand in hand. While diet doesn't directly cause type 2 diabetes, it does play a role. Certain diets can increase the risk of diabetes.

Because what you eat can increase your risk and affect your blood sugar levels, it's believed that targeted nutrition can help you effectively reverse type 2 diabetes.

control carbohydrates

carbohydrateBroken down by the body into glucose. When you eat a diet that is very high in carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels can rise significantly. If a diabetic eats too many carbohydrates, blood sugar levels can reach dangerously high levels.

However, a low-carb diet may have the opposite effect and help manage diabetes. Studies have shown that people who reduce their carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day experience relief. However, it's worth noting that many studies on low-carb diets and diabetes reversal have not provided long-term results.

Can a Ketogenic Diet Relieve Diabetes?

The keto diet is low carb, high fat and high protein. While more research is needed to understand the health benefits of this eating behavior, some studies suggest that people with type 2 diabetes may be able toYou can reverse this by following a ketogenic diet

Learn How the Keto Adaptation Process Works

reduce sugar intake

Foods high in sugar can significantly increase blood sugar levels. Reducing your intake of these foods can also help treat diabetes.

When people with type 2 diabetes reduce their sugar intake, the liver can detoxify and reverse fatty liver disease, improving diabetes. As mentioned above, low-carb diets can be beneficial when trying to relieve.

more active

recommended for most peopleexercise regularlyEven if they don't have diabetes. However, physical activity in people with type 2 diabetes can help their bodies respond betterinsulin

Insulin is a hormone that helps blood sugar get into cells so they can use it for energy. When the body doesn't use insulin properly, glucose that should be used for energy stays in the blood and causes problems.

Exercise can help heal diabetes by:

  • It helps the body use the insulin it needs to transport glucose into cells where it can be used for energy
  • lower blood sugar levels by reducing sugar storage in the blood
  • Auxiliary organs such as the liver and pancreas release unnecessary fat stores, compromising the body's ability to use insulin

exercise and diabetes

The best exercise for people with diabetes is moderate activity, not heavy lifting, straining, or strenuous activity. Walking, weightlifting, yoga, swimming, and stretching are good exercises for people with this condition.

Why exercise is important for diabetes

taking insulin when needed

Diabetes can be reversed with lifestyle changes, but you may still need to take insulin from time to time. Remission doesn't mean cure, diabetes can get worse if stoppeduntreated. During the reversal phase, you may not need any insulin at all. However, if yourelevated blood sugar levelsOr if your diabetes is difficult to control, you need insulin.

It is important not to lose hope of improving your quality of life. Taking insulin when needed is important, as are lifestyle changes that can reverse diabetes.

Will diabetes recur after being cured?

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that changes over time. Your blood sugar levels may rise as you get better. To stay in remission, you must keep your blood sugar under control by making consistent lifestyle changes and continuing to see your doctor for follow-up visits for any changes in your health.

dealing with diabetes

monitor your blood sugar

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is also crucial for remission. It will help you track any spikes and manage them effectively.

People with diabetes are more likely to experience high blood sugar. So make sure to detect any peaks as early as possible. This allows you to make changes or take medication if necessary to prevent dangerously high blood sugar levels.

Blood Glucose Testing Guidelines

manage your weight

Losing weight for people with diabetes can be challenging, but it's often the first step a person can take to manage the disease more effectively. For some people, weight loss can be achieved through exercise and a nutritious diet.

fat removal surgeryIt is also an effective option for some people with type 2 diabetes. This is an umbrella term for procedures that help reduce a person's food intake. It is commonly used in people withobesity

Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of people who undergo bariatric surgery have complete improvement in their diabetes, and another 15 percent have partial improvement. Among those who achieved diabetes remission through bariatric surgery, this persisted for at least 10 years.

Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

People with obesity and type 2 diabetes are often good candidates for bariatric surgery. Still, it's important to discuss the potential risks and benefits of surgery with your doctor. They can give you an idea of ​​a plausible outcome so you can weigh the pros and cons.

Work with your healthcare provider

althoughlifestyle medicineAlthough it's not usually a first-line treatment for diabetes, recent research suggests it can be an important part of reversing the disease.

To effectively manage your diabetes, you need to work with your doctor. You can work with your doctor to develop an individual treatment plan that is right for you. Depending on your goals and current health conditions, they may or may not prescribe medication.


Although type 2 diabetes is considered incurable, it is possible to achieve remission and reverse the effects of the disease.

Targeted lifestyle changes such as B. A nutrient-dense low-carb diet and regular exercise may help. For some people, weight loss or even bariatric surgery can be a beneficial step in curing diabetes. Your doctor may also recommend a combination of medication and lifestyle changes to help manage diabetes.

a word from vivel

Type 2 diabetes can be difficult to treat because there is no cure. It may be an overwhelming thought for the rest of your life. However, if you take certain steps, you may be able to reverse this situation.

Aiming for diabetes remission can help you stay motivated to make lifestyle changes. However, if you find it difficult, please consult your doctor for support.

frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to cure type 2 diabetes?

    There is no set time frame for healing from diabetes; everyone's timeline may be different. It depends on the actions you take and how conscious you are of your choices. If a person makes consistent lifestyle changes, the condition may go into remission within three to six months.

    learn more:Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

  • Can diabetes be cured without medicine?

    Diabetes cannot be cured, but remission is possible. Diabetes remission reduces the need for insulin or other medicines. However, this does not mean that a person never needs to take diabetes medication again. Diabetes changes over time, so complete relief is possible without a prescription. However, a person may need to continue taking insulin or other therapies as a supplementary treatment tool.

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  • How to reduce sugar consumption?

    Sugar is found in many foods, but you may not always be aware of it. Some foods that you don't find sweet may contain sugar. To reduce sugar consumption, you can:

    • stop using sugar
    • drinking water or herbal teas instead of fruit juices, sodas, or other beverages with added sugar
    • limit fruit intake
    • Choose low-carb foods (they often contain added sugar)

    learn more:How to Cut Your Sugar Consumption: 10 Ways to Get Started

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Does diabetes remission mean you are cured? (2)

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