Cliff Cast and Character Guide: Where Are They Now? (2023)

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What will action-thriller casting look like in 30 years?

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cliff Celebrating its 30th anniversary. Action Thriller Movies from the DirectorRenee Haring(Die Hard 2) was published on May 28, 1993. actorStallone,John Lithgow, andmichael rooker,cliffis a global box-office hit and critically acclaimed for its gripping action (including a suspenseful opening sequence), strong performances, and breathtaking settings. Let's see the castcliffThree years after the film's premiere.

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Sylvester Stallone as Gabriel "Gabe" Walker

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Sylvester Stallone stars as Gabriel "Gabe" Walker, a former mountaineer and rescue ranger haunted by the trauma of a high-altitude rescue mission that went horribly wrong, killing Dead the girlfriend of his best friend and fellow ranger. Hal Tucker. Months later, Gabe returns to his home in Colorado and is asked to help a still angry Hal respond to an emergency call from the mountains. Gabe becomes involved in a terrorist attack by a ruthless international gang of thieves led by psychotic Eric Qualen.


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Stallone has been one of Hollywood's first movie stars since the mid-1970s, when the struggling actor wrote and starred in one of the greatest films of all time:RockyStallone became a household name with one Oscar-winning film and increased his popularity with three successful sequelsRockyThroughout the 80s. The Oscar-nominated actor went on to star in another successful action franchiselamboAction Movie Series Since 1982first drop of blood.In the 1990s, Stallone continued to flex his action musclescliff, der Science Fiction ThrillerdemolisherbesideWesley Snipesand disaster moviessunlight.After a decade ended with a strong dramatic turnCopeland, an unpopular Stallone who struggled to find his way in the early 2000s, returns with a critically acclaimed sequelrocky balboaandlambo.which will lead to another action franchisethe Expendables, Stallone and suchJason Statham,Bruce Willis, andArnold Schwarzenegger.another Oscar nomination for playing Rocky Balboa in the Legacy sequelbelieveLeading to Stallone becoming a sought-after actor again.

John Lithgow as Eric Qualen

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John Lithgow stars as Eric Qualen, a psychopathic former British intelligence officer who is now the leader of an international gang of thieves. When Quillen attempts to steal $100 million from the U.S. Treasury Department in a daring aerial plane heist that results in three suitcases full of cash falling into the Colorado Rockies, Quillen takes mountain rescuers Gabe Walker and Hal Tucker took them hostage and forced them to search down at gunpoint.

Lithgow has had one of the most diverse and distinguished careers in the entertainment industry. Beginning with critically acclaimed Broadway performances in the 1970s, Lithgow rose to fame with Oscar-nominated film performances in the 1980sThe world through Garp's eyesandgentle conditions. Lithgow also received critical acclaim on television for her Emmy-nominated role on the showsteven spielberganthology seriesamazing storyand top-rated miniseries eventthe day after tomorrow.In the 1990s, Lithgow played in such...Ricochetthe oppositedenzel washingtonaction movie with sylvester stallonecliffHe also established himself as a comedic star with an award-winning performance as Dick Solomon on the NBC sci-fi comedy sitcomthird rock of the sun.In the 2000s, Lithgow won over young audiences as the voice of Lord Farquaad in the Oscar-winning animated filmShrek.

Michael Rooker as Harold „Hal“ Tucker

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Michael Rooker stars as Harold "Hal" Tucker, a mountain rescue ranger and ex-best friend of Gabe Walker, a former rescue ranger who blames Gabe Walker for the death of his girlfriend during an ill-fated rescue mission . As Hal and Gabe respond to a distress call from the mountains, they are captured by a gang of international thieves who hold them at gunpoint in search of three suitcases filled with millions of dollars. Rooker first came to Hollywood's attention in 2011 with his creepy feature film debutHenry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. The 1980s were followed by a strong side gigsea ​​of ​​lovethe oppositeal pacinoandmississippi river burnedandGene Hackmanand did so in the early 1990stagus r.the oppositeTom Cruise,Kennedy International AirportbesideKevin Costner, and incliffWith Sylvester Stallone. After years of prolific film and television work in the 2000s, Rooker landed his biggest role to date in the first three seasons of the AMC serieswalking deadand MCU moviesguardians of the galaxyThere he played the role of Yondu Udonta.

Jenny Turner as Rangerin Jessica „Jessie“ Deighan

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Jenny TurnerStarring Jessica "Jessie" Deighan, a mountain rescue helicopter pilot and girlfriend of ex-mountain ranger Gabe Walker, has been in a relationship since a few months ago He kept his distance after the fatal rescue operation. When rangers Hal Tucker and Gabe fail to return after responding to a distress call, Jessie's investigation leads her and Gabe to a game of cat and mouse with a ruthless gang of thieves looking for three suitcases worth millions . Colorado Rockies region. Turner was a teen model before starting the hit CBS showdallas.which led to her playing the role of laura templeton in the soap operageneral Hospital.After Turner began her dissatisfied career hiatus, she starred as Maggie O'Connell on the CBS comedy seriesNorth, for which she received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Turner to star in action thriller next with Sylvester Stallonecliff, followed by a recurring role in a string of TV movies and an NBC sports dramafriday night lights.

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Rex Lynn as Richard Travers

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rex lynnIt stars U.S. Treasury Department agent Richard Travers as a double agent for Eric Quillen, the leader of a violent international gang of thieves who teams up with Travers to Steal $100 million from the US Treasury in an aerial heist. When money in three large suitcases falls into the Colorado Rockies, the same incredible travers and torture try to find the money if they don't kill each other first. Lynn is an American actor best known for his role as Sargent Frank Tripp in the films.CSI: lynn's film debut, he fights alongside himselfRoy Scheiderin crimenight game.The prolific actor worked in various television and film productions before landing his first recurring role on the military seriesI. Lynn will also be atbetter call saulandyoung sheldon.

Caroline Goodall as Crystal

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Caroline GoodallThe main character is played by Crystal, the sidekick of British terrorist Eric Quillen and helicopter pilot for his international gang of thieves. Crystal is just as vicious and violent as the rest of the gang. Goodall was an English actor who appeared in several stage and television productions before being cast by Steven Spielberghookthe oppositeRobin WilliamsThe .role will followSchindler's ListandShow offbefore appearing on an australian showsilver bluebie(besideRussell Crowe) andSolent Hotel, for which she was nominated for an AFI Award. goodall recently wrote and produced the thrillersilent bay, in the main rolebrian coxandOlga Korilenko.

Leon Robinson as Kynette

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leon robinson(then simply referred to asleon) plays Kynette, Torment's second-in-command, whose brutal and violent methods make him possibly the most feared member of the gang. American actor Leon Robinson starred in controversial films and TV shows in the 1980sMadonnaLike a prayer music video. Many well-known roles followed, including action thriller Sylvester Stallonecliffand blockbuster sports comedyParkour.The role in the basketball dramaon the edgebesideTupac Shakurand NBC Music Biography Miniserieslure.

Craig Fairbrass as Delmar

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Craig FairbrassIt stars Delmar, a former English footballer turned follower of Torment who turns out to be the most sadistic of the gang. Fairbrass was an English actor best known for his role as violent gangster Pat Tate in the filminfantry riseseries. making his film debut after starring opposite Denzel Washingtonfor queen and country, Fairbrass to star in first two seasons of series about police procedureprime suspectthisHelen Mirrentitle. After landing his first Hollywood role in action thriller Sylvester StallonecliffFairglass returns to UK to star in hugely popular British soap operaeast end of london, where he played Dan Sullivan for two years. He also starred in an episode of the acclaimed British independent crime seriesmuscleanddouchebag, Fairglass atcall of Dutygame series.

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