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Very quick journey from Southampton to Edinburgh. Arrived far from luggage and up 3 flights of stairs, no elevators or escalators

The flight was delayed more than 2 hours

Uncomplicated, friendly and fast

Disadvantages:“The flight was canceled and we were asked to leave the departure lounge. There were no Logan Air ground staff actually working so we relied on the customer service desk at the airport to give us instructions on what to do and were told that we should be entitled to compensation. I have now been informed (almost 2 months later) that the flight was only delayed and not cancelled, so we are not receiving any compensation payments to cover the huge additional costs I had to incur in order to have another airline fly me to Aberdeen. Terrible customer service, unreliable flights."

Benefits:"They are great at serving and caring for their passengers. Their employees always go out of their way to ensure comfort. Loganair seems to be one of the few that still offer a drink and snack with the purchase of a ticket (wonderful). That's me." So grateful for the well trained staff and their knowledge of luggage and sizing on smaller planes, especially when traveling to and from larger planes. I never had a problem putting my backpack on or being asked to check it as it carried my laptop and wallet...unlike other similarly sized airlines that fly to and from SYY."

Disadvantages:"After the Caramel Waffles, I couldn't find Tunnocks Cream Waffles in a retail store to buy."

Benefits:"Great service. Good food and good drinks.”

Benefits:"Great airport with great efficiency (Glasgow) wonderfully polite and friendly ticket agent"

Disadvantages:"We were over four hours late due to bad weather, but the flight that was scheduled to leave after us left before us because they were more concerned about getting the flight on time than the 20 people who had been waiting for hours. about six hours late."



Benefits:"Friendly staff"

Benefits:"The light helped me with problems from the previous flight"

Disadvantages:"The propeller plane is noisy and uncomfortable. But it made it to Stornoway. Strong crosswinds made landing difficult. The pilots did a good job."

Benefits:"Staff was reasonably nice"

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed four hours. There were no announcements, so passengers waited in a cold, damp area of ​​the terminal, where building work was taking place. People's planes were noisy and there was no space for storage. They had to check my small bag and then leaving it on the wet asphalt where my clothes were stained. FLybe is notoriously bad. They lived up to their reputation."

Benefits:“Can't give 5 stars for food or entertainment but nobody should expect them on a jump like this. The coffee was fine. 5 total.”

Benefits:"Very fast flight :)"

Benefits:"It was dirty when we got on the plane. My daughter's seat had bits of food on it that had to be removed before she could sit down. Then we had the worst landing we've ever experienced. Horrible."

Disadvantages:"A clean plane for the passengers. An explanation of why the landing was so inconvenient."

Benefits:"Checkin and Security Fast Control of Passports and Baggage"

Disadvantages:"The plane was late, the boarding process was very slow, I'm still waiting to get off."

Benefits:"I loved the fact that I arrived"

Disadvantages:"Everything else. Rightfully the worst airline in Europe"

Disadvantages:"The area we were taken to before boarding was just an endless queue and it was quite crowded and stuffy."

Disadvantages:"It was cold, we asked three times to turn on the air conditioning... and other passengers are asking too. Nothing was done, I wouldn't sit down even if the seatbelt signs were on..."

Disadvantages:"Taking too long to board a cafe. Very loud and noisy stag parties"

Benefits:"Price and Efficiency"

Disadvantages:"Well it's a low cost airline, you get what you pay for."

Benefits:"Don't get too tight. We don't get lost - like on the BA flight recently!"

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed! Information about the delay was limited."

Benefits:"Treated us with respect and was very helpful when we missed our flight and needed a transfer to the next flight."

Disadvantages:"I wish I didn't have to pay so much to change tickets. It used up our vacation pay considerably."

Benefits:"Short flight, don't expect too much"

Disadvantages:"We had to sit on the runway after landing and wait for a parking spot."

Disadvantages:"Delayed check-in and baggage"

Benefits:"good service"

Disadvantages:"LEG SPACE"

Benefits:"Friendly staff"

Disadvantages:“Very loud people, very drunk people and, as on all Ryanair flights, staff keep giving people alcohol to get them even more drunk. It's not a good experience when everyone starts standing over you like they're in a bar, raising their voices for no reason. It also took 15 minutes from the time we landed to the time we were allowed off the plane. Without anyone telling us why. Very annoying ... "

Benefits:"The pilot and security tannoy is not high enough"

Benefits:"Price is usually good"

Disadvantages:"Ryanair broke my bag and damaged my other bag"

Disadvantages:"The plane took off very late and we landed at 12:30"

Disadvantages:“We booked priority for our daughter so she could take a carry-on bag on board. When she arrived at the airport, they insisted that she put her hand luggage in the hold even though she had her passport! The captain kindly helped her get it out of the hold at the end of the flight, but why did she have to put it there when she had priority and we paid for it?

Benefits:"I liked the lasagna I ordered, surprisingly good!"

Disadvantages:“The crew handled some difficult passengers well given the circumstances.

Benefits:"Fast flight, friendly staff"

Disadvantages:"the seats are small"


Disadvantages:"Being stopped is also a lie"

Benefits:"It's nice to fly to Alicante, where those horrible passport machines often give way to postal controls much faster."

Benefits:"Cheap and practical"

Benefits:“Savannah and the other staff dealing with the airline's frontlines have been just incredible... down to earth, really helpful and clearly knowledgeable.

Benefits:"The flight took 1.5 hours instead of the expected 2 hours, left on time. As cheap as potato chips if bought on time."

Disadvantages:"No entertainment and poor choice of food, very expensive and limited purchases on board"

Benefits:"Value for money, it was good."

Benefits:"Price was fair. Very short flight so it was good. Price was good."

Disadvantages:"I was called to the gate BEFORE the plane arrived. Left like cattle for over half an hour. Not a seat in sight. Too much for my older husband.


Benefits:"The flight was delayed. Nobody bothered to board.

Benefits:"Everything was really good"

Benefits:"Excellent staff, very helpful and fast on boarding, quick tour"

Disadvantages:"N / D"

Benefits:“I liked that we boarded the plane from the front and back. Great staff and smooth flight.”

Disadvantages:“Checked luggage is a bit expensive. £30 for a piece of luggage weighing up to 20kg is a bit much. I dare say this puts a damper on travelers wanting to visit Ireland and the UK. In the UK, you can travel by train for less money and free baggage, as well as much less security and delays."

Benefits:"We were not called"

Disadvantages:“We missed the flight as we weren't called at Tannoy and the next flight was at 7.10pm and cost another £200. Also it meant we missed the gig we were booked for as it was a birthday present for today. Ryannaire's desk was not very friendly or understanding of our situation.

Benefits:"Everything on this flight went like clockwork, the flight was on time and the crew on board were very helpful and pleasant."


Benefits:"The crew was friendly and professional"

Disadvantages:"Seats don't recline, no back pocket"

Benefits:"The crew, the gate people, on time."

Disadvantages:“Stanstead was terrible. We were there 150 minutes before departure. But we just got on board. I would advise to be there 4 hours before departure. Why more Ryanair counters don't open unfriendly. Biggest airport mall I have ever seen and you are forced to walk. The corridors to the gates were like a stampede of cattle. Will avoid Stanstead in the future. Even parking and transfers take almost an hour."

Benefits:"Boarding was quick, both through the front and back doors and when exiting the aircraft."

Disadvantages:"The seats do not recline and boarding is done both in the rain and on arrival at the runway."

Benefits:"I don't like it, the seat doesn't recline at all"

Disadvantages:"Food sucks. Paying for drinks sucks"


Disadvantages:"Tight Fit"


Disadvantages:"Almost everything."

Disadvantages:"It could use a few more inches of space."

Benefits:"The plane was late. Boardef was late and late. Immigration was understaffed and slow resulting in missing the scheduled bus trip. Charged me an extra $30 for one of my bags."

Disadvantages:"Late. Bad, slow customs service."

Disadvantages:"Late. No explanation. Left on the slopes even in the heat."

Benefits:"Simply everything was so easy and hassle free. No hassles and no hassles"

Disadvantages:"I can't even get water on the very cheap flight"

Benefits:"Easy online check-in process Priority boarding with seat payment at check-in"

Disadvantages:"Baggage weight advance Requirement to print boarding passes There are no seats at the gate to await boarding"

Benefits:“The flight was on time and the plane was clean. When flights are so cheap, I think it's naive to expect more.”

Disadvantages:“Most of the bad things about Ryanair stem from its no-frills setup. The people who fly them have decided that low price is more important than luxury. The abysmal aspects of flying Ryanair are: - Terminals/gates are often warehouses (Grenoble, Bergerac), or at larger, more distant and less equipped airports (Liverpool) - Very little attention is paid to customer service (e.g. , I also like the service. - The scratch cards, food, drinks and all the 'extras' you would get by default on other airlines such as 'They are always late' - my theory is that the flight times are over the top so they are in Departure cost On time arrival i.e. extra time is built into departure time to compensate for cleaning / other delays at the gate In short, flying Ryanair x KLM, BA, Virgin or Lufthansa is like a long distance megabus instead of a seat reservation on the train. It's cheaper. It's cheaper because it's a little rubbish and a little uncomfortable. If you want a better flight, you pay for it. Stop, ov he would complain to Ryanair."

Benefits:"The crew was friendly."

Disadvantages:"There was a fee to check in - which I tried to avoid by checking in online, but I didn't have access to a printer, so there was a fee to print my boarding pass. A fee to check bags (since they they wouldn't move on - an additional $70) there was no food (it was a 55 minute flight, same thing ever since). Seats were tight and hard. And for some reason the landing was so hard/abrupt that people screamed. If I had a choice, I would not fly this airline again."

Benefits:"Price is great, basically punctual, good staff"

Disadvantages:"We will wait at the pier for more than 45 minutes before boarding"

Disadvantages:"Ryanair's policy of checking in online or paying a €45 fee is ridiculous. I've never heard of an airline charging people when they check in at the airport. Also, they make it so you can't check in online within 2 hours of the flight so you have to pay when you arrive. It's a sneaky and devious system that Ryanair uses. I am incredibly unhappy with my treatment by Ryanair and will never fly with them again ."



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