Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered (2023)

When thinking about the characters ofA Teoria makes Big Bang, one cannot immediately think of Bernadette; She comes to mind after thinking about the other cast members. That makes Bernadette a pretty underrated character who hasn't had time to shine in the decade she's been on the show.

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It doesn't matter if you've already watched the series, are about to watch it, or haven't seen it yet, you still won't know any facts about Bernadette because it's out of focus. To keep you up to date on Bernadette, here are 10 questions about her answered.


10 10. How big is your family?

Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered (1)

Unlike Howard, who was accompanied only by his mother, Bernadette grew up in a household full of children. She had five siblings in total, all younger than her - only one brother named Joey is known.

Her parents have been together all their lives, but Bernadette claimed not to be close to her mother. According to Bernadette, her mother was extremely controlling and left Bernadette to take care of her other children. Her father had a much better relationship with Bernadette as he was very protective of her.

9 9. How popular is she?

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If you're wondering about her popularity growing up, Bernadette is said to have been a nerd at school like Amy. If you want to know how popular Bernadette is as a character inA Teoria makes Big Bang, then you will find that she is the least popular.

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Out of the entire cast, Bernadette lands at the bottom in the polls that weigh the show's characters. Amy, who was introduced around the same time, ranks pretty high; However, Bernadette is considered relatively unlikely by the show's audience, and she was the least promoted character ofA Teoria makes Big Bang.

8 8. What is your job?

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When we first meet her, Bernadette was Penny's colleague at the Cheesecake Factory, where she worked as a waitress. This was only to be temporary, however, as Bernadette worked for money alongside her PhD studies at the university.

After graduating, Bernadette quickly landed a job in a research lab; his profession was a microbiologist. Bernadette worked specifically in the healthcare industry, eventually leading a department experimenting with drugs. Here she saw an opportunity for Penny to enter her workplace as a representative of the drugs Bernadette's team was working on.

7 7. What's wrong with her voice?

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Bernadette's most notable trait is her bubblegum voice. This became even more apparent after his initial introduction, with his voice eventually settling into what we all know. Bernadette's distinctive voice leads people to believe that this is what the actress sounds like in real life - we assure you, she doesn't.

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There's a reason Bernadette's voice is the way it is, and that's because it's specifically designed to sound sweet and well-meaning. Bernadette realized that if she was nice to everyone she could do things her own way, which led to this adjustment in her voice.

6 6. Why does Howard love her?

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If you've watched the first few seasons ofA Teoria makes Big Bang, you'll get the feeling that Howard would love any woman willing to be with him, but it goes deeper than that. The truth is, Howard is attracted to Bernadette because she treats him the same as any other woman in his life: his mother.

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While we're not saying that Howard has a gross connection to his wife and mother (well, maybe a little bit), he loves Bernadette because she fills the same role as his mother's nanny for him. Bernadette has often been shown doing his laundry, preparing his meals, and even yelling at him as his mother.

5 5. How many friends did she have?

Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered (6)

Bernadette admired Penny's promiscuity in season 4 when Penny admitted her habit of getting over a guy involved in choosing another attractive one. This confirmed that Bernadette didn't have much luck with romance along with Amy before finding someone special.

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However, Bernadette has been revealed to have a long-term relationship with Howard in the form of her former teacher. This man was everything Howard wasn't; being a person who looked perfectly chiseled and was well over 6 feet in stature. Although Howard felt threatened by this guy, Bernadette assured him that this relationship was long overdue.

4 4. How important is it?

Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered (7)

We've already mentioned that Bernadette was the least promoted member of the cast, and that's because she was meant to be the least important character. She appeared in all but one of the episodes from Season 6 onward, but you'll find that she had almost no storylines.

Everything she did was connected to what was happening with Howard and her other role was to be part of Penny's friends. In the seasons when she was pregnant, Bernadette was relegated to the point where she only appeared in a scene or two in those episodes. All in all, their main job was to complement Howard's stories.

3 3. How tall is she?

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every character insideA Teoria makes Big Bangis below average height, with the exception of Sheldon and Penny in females. However, Bernadette scores below what is considered below average; She's a midget compared to pretty much everyone else. Howard, who should have been shorter than Leonard, was also significantly taller than Bernadette.

By her own admission, Bernadette claimed to be 4ft 10 inches tall, which really makes her on the shortest height scale in the world. Her father once claimed she was only 4 feet tall, and the other characters occasionally joked about her short stature as well; although that didn't stop her from being afraid of her too.

2 2. Who is her best friend?

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Among the boys, Bernadette didn't have much of a relationship with Sheldon and Leonard, and they were almost always (with just one or two exceptions) only seen together in groups. She had a good relationship with Raj that started when Raj was in love with her.

Still, the boys can't claim to be as close to her as the girls, with Penny and Amy clearly being Bernadette's confidants. Within this trio, Bernadette was closest to Penny, which is why she became part of the group when Penny Howard got stuck with Bernadette. In the last episode of the series, Bernadette admitted that she wasn't Amy's best friend, but was convinced that Penny saw her that way.

1 1. Who does she love most?

Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered (10)

As with Penny, Bernadette really wasn't a fan of children. She claimed this was because she was caring for her younger siblings growing up, and linked the kids to robbing her of the times when she should have acted like a child.

However, when they had children, Bernadette changed her stance by openly telling Howard how much she loved them. In one episode, Bernadette made it clear that her children were the love of her life when she admitted she loved them more than Howard. Well, that's good character development, isn't it?

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