All of Penny's works via The Big Bang Theory (The Complete Timeline) (2023)

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Penny from The Big Bang Theory moved to Los Angeles to be a famous actress, but had to make ends meet on her way to the top.

All of Penny's works via The Big Bang Theory (The Complete Timeline) (1)

Penny didn't have many jobsBig Bang Theory, but his career path was uncertain for much of the sitcom. InBig Bang TheoryIn Season 1, Penny moved into an apartment across the hall from her future best friends, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, whom she would later marry. Penny had just moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood star, but it was hard to get a high-paying job in the industry.


Penny also wanted to show her family back home that she had what it took to succeed on her own. After moving out of her ex-boyfriend's apartment, Penny was now responsible for paying her own rent, which wasn't cheap considering Sheldon and Leonard had high-paying jobs but had to rely on each other as roommates for extra income. one thing she didThe Big Bang Theory so popularit was how relatable the arc of Penny's career was, particularly how it included a reassessment of priorities and goals. To supplement what a career didn't give her, Penny had to take various jobs to earn a living, much to her chagrin.


Penny was a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory (seasons 1-7)

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Penny's main source of income was working as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, living on low wages and tips. This was Penny's longest job during the events ofBig Bang Theory. Learning that Penny was a waitress, Leonard encouraged the group to eat at the restaurant and support them, which soon became a weekly event. Knowing how badly Penny needed money for bills and food orders, her new friends were surprised at how poorly she was waiting tables. In fact, this provided one of the oldest running gags.

In itWhen TBBT started, Penny was 21 years old.. Being a waitress didn't excite her, so her efforts to get good results at The Cheesecake Factory were mediocre. Amy once said that Penny was a "unbelievably bad waitress" because he rarely got food orders right and spent more time talking with friends than serving tables. Her poor performance as her waitress showed that she didn't want to achieve that in her career. However, she was very lucky not to have been fired from her for her lack of commitment to The Cheesecake Factory, as she needed him for the money and as a temporary safety net.

Penny was a waitress (season 4)

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InBig Bang TheorySeason 4, Episode 8, "The 21-Second Tit", Penny was still a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory but had a new position as a waitress.Penny suddenly becomes a waitress in season 4It was a fascinating story because her friends would visit her at the bar when they were in trouble instead of waiting at her table. One of the funniest scenes was when Sheldon went to the bar to vent on Penny and accidentally got drunk on too many Long Island Iced Teas without realizing they contained alcohol. However, Penny's stint as a waitress was short-lived, and she returned to working as a waitress full-time.

Penny was a struggling actress (seasons 1-7)

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For years, Penny tried to balance her acting career with her job as a waitress, but her dream never went anywhere. InBig Bang TheorySeason 7, episode 24, "The Combustion of the Status Quo", she decided to stop waiting tables and focus full time on auditioning for the roles. WhileLeonard was lucky to have Penny on TBBT, he was not very supportive of his jump because he did not think he was responsible. But he had to focus all of his attention on acting to achieve it. Sheldon, who often made fun of Penny's efforts, agreed that if there was something she really wanted, she should dedicate all of her time to it.

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Penny's career story centered around being a struggling actress, but she landed a few jobs to make her time in Los Angeles worthwhile. She was in a one night production ofWash, did a commercial for hemorrhoid cream, had a leading role inlonging for the final season, and eventually starred in a low-budget movie calledMonkey a series. As silly as that performance turned out to be, playing a killer gorilla was Penny's biggest role.Penny's acting roles on The Big Bang Theorythey were not as she had imagined, howeverMonkey a seriesit ultimately spawned a sequel. However, this was not a role Penny was proud of.

There came a time when Penny realized that acting was not what she had imagined. Competing for a role she never got was taking its toll on her and she wanted to make better decisions in all areas of her life. at the end ofBig Bang TheoryIn season 7, Penny retired from acting and focused on other priorities. As much as Penny missed being an actress and having all eyes on her, she had no acting future. Instead of this,Penny looked for high-income jobswhere she would feel valued. This was a huge springboard for the character of Penny because she let go of the comfort of the unknown.

Penny tried to work for Howard's mother (season 7)

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Howard's mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, was not easy to get along with. Due to her overbearing nature, she forced Howard and his friends to do whatever was necessary. She was also incredibly needy and it made Howard feel guilty for doing anything on her behalf. InBig Bang Theory's "The Burning of the Status Quo," Ms. Wolowitz was injured in her home and needed help. Howard was unable to support a live-in nurse long enough due to her needs, prompting them to hire Penny as a trial housekeeper. However, this did not last long either. Due to all the work required, Penny quit at the end of the day.

Howard's mother was murdered.InBig Bang TheorySeason 8 shortly after Penny tried to work for her. That meant Penny's potential job with the Wolowitzes would have been short-lived anyway. Penny wanted to help her friends, but she also knew what she was capable of, which led to her next job.


Penny became a pharmaceutical sales representative (seasons 8-12)

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InBig Bang TheorySeason 8 Episode 1, "The Locomotion Disruption", gave Penny a new haircut and a new perspective on her future. After her engagement, she landed an interview at Bernadette's company, ZenGen, for a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Penny didn't graduate from college and has no experience in pharmacy, but if she does well in the interview, it could lead to a promising life for her. Unfortunately, the interview did not start well as she insulted the boss with her sense of humor.Frases de Penny sobre The Big Bang Theorythey were among the best, but during the interview she became nervous.

Penny's luck changed when she told the boss how intimidated she was with Bernadette and didn't tell him how bad the interview was going. Her interviewer shared her opinion of Bernadette and the two laughed at her understanding of each other. With that, Penny was hired and given the chance to prove herself. She did exactly that, not only keeping the job, but becoming one of GenZen's top salespeople. Although she missed being an actress, her job as a sales assistant made her successful. finally to the endBig Bang Theory, Penny was even promoted to lead Bernadette's sales team.

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