5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (2023)

Marketing resumes face the double challenge of demonstrating passion and creativity on the one hand, and demonstrating impact through hard numbers on the other. Showing that you're well suited to both worlds of marketing requires a well-crafted resume.

However, the upside potential is huge. The right combination can mean landing an interview, hitting the nail on the head, and ultimately landing your dream marketing job.

That's why this guide aims to answer any questions you might have about how to properly design a marketing resume.

In just four years (2012 to 2016), the number of marketing jobs has grown from 200,000 to 250,000, a 25% increase.

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In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about creating the perfect marketing resume.

  • Here's how to plan your marketing resume to make the process easier.
  • What to Look for in an Ideal Marketing Resume Template
  • How to create a simple yet powerful resume title.
  • Why Your Marketing Resume Needs an Objective or a Summary
  • How to make your education and experiential phase results-oriented (and why it matters).
  • The secret formula that reveals the exact skills and certifications needed to get hired.

How to Write a Marketing Resume

  • Focus on the right metrics.

There are many metrics in marketing. Most indicators are normal, showing that you are a general task creator. But some will give you an interview.Bad example: Hired four marketers to expand marketing departmentCase in point: Formation of DataOps cuts time to customer insight by 600%

  • Demonstrate your ability to scale results.

Generating 10 sales requires two completely different mindsets and skills than generating 1,000 sales. Make sure your marketing resume shows your potential for more challenging roles.

Bad example: A company's blog is featured in a top business publication. Case in point: Designed launched a digital PR campaign that gathered hundreds of articles in the top 20 US business magazines

  • Use the format and layout of your resume to draw recruiters' attention to your strengths

Make sure your resume is easy to read by combining headings, bullet points, and morecustom section. usebound textHighlight your results. Control Your Recruiter's Attention with Spaces and Spacescolor

If you've been in marketing for years, this is the classicreverse resumebest effect. Experience is a great sign of your qualifications. So make this part of your resume stand out.

However, if you have both formal and informal marketing experience,hybrid resumecan work better. Your skills and professional experience are highlighted when you work in a hybrid format.

Every marketer knows how to plan a strategy, and creating a marketing resume is no exception. Before you start, think about what sections and information you want to include. Here are some suggestions:

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (1)

The Most Important Part of a Marketing Resume

  • goal or summary
  • marketing experience
  • train
  • Soft skills
  • technical skills
  • certified
  • interest

Below we'll show you how to create each element. The important thing is to start with a plan and a goal!

How to Choose an Effective Marketing Resume Template

You don't have to be a CMO to know that visuals matter in marketing. Your resume is no different.

That's why it's crucial to choose a layout that fits your content and conveys the right visual message.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (2)

  • basic template- This layout works best if you are applying for a marketing intern and don't have much experience. It doesn't take that much content to fill it up and make it look impressive.
  • professional template- This is standard marketingresume layoutWe recommend it to most intermediate professionals. It balances your content with enough space to create a pleasing visual style that doesn't overwhelm readers.
  • simple template- For a marketing manager or chief marketing officer, your resume will be pretty tight: you have a lot to show. This layout is designed to do just that. It fits the page better without making it difficult to read.
  • creative template- Are you applying to a super creative marketing agency or a world-changing startup? ourcreative layoutBright, airy and modern. At first glance, this shows that you are on the cutting edge and confident in your abilities.

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing a marketing resume template:

  • Consider how to structure your content so that the most important elements (those that make readers stand out) are front and center.
  • Remember the length. While someone looking to hire a senior marketer might read a few pages, lower-level positions should be kept short and to the point.
  • Add some color, but don't overdo it. A resume that isn't all black and white is more visually appealing, but going too far in that direction can have the opposite effect. One tactic to consider is to use the color scheme of the company you're applying to (it's a nice touch).

The Power of a Great Marketing Resume Headline

You're a marketer, so you know how powerful a few words can be.

In the title of your resume, you can strategically add some keywords to make a great first impression.

Check out these examples to see what we mean:

Martha Hu

marketing personnel



Los Angeles, California



Martha Hu

CMI Certified Digital Marketer with a focus on eCommerce

(Video) Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules!



Los Angeles, California


To the right

Did you notice the difference? The same person, with the same experience, but in very different ways.

The first example is... well, "wait". No passion, no confidence, nothing.

The second example, on the other hand, exudes pride in one's work and confidence in one's abilities. This is the first impression you want your marketing resume to make.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (3)

expert tips

Including a photo or a link to your personal website or LinkedIn account is a great way to personalize your resume title. However, some companies, states and countries have laws about what personal information your resume may contain. be sure to check

How to Write a Marketing Resume Objective or Summary

Every good marketing resume should have an objective or summary. That's because they answer two important questions for anyone reading your resume: who are you and what do you want to achieve?

There are two ways to do this. One is to add a brief statement below your name in the resume title. The point here is to quickly and effectively explain who you are. This will help provide context for the rest of your resume.

But for most marketers, a summary is the best approach. It gives you more room to explain who you are and make an impression.

Your summary section should not look like this:


I'm a digital marketing professional looking for a new position to expand my skills and add value.


The problem with this summary can be summed up in one word: vague. What is your specialty? How many years have you been working as a digital marketer? Do you have certification? What are you interested in digital marketing? Which skills would you like to develop further?

I could go on and on.

Now compare it to a better version of the same abstract below.


After four years as a digital marketer at Intercom, I want to use my skills to lead your team to dominate the online framework space. I'm passionate about incorporating marketing theories like "jobs to be done" into innovative SEO strategies that drive conversions (see my findings below).

(Video) 5 Resume Mistakes You MUST Avoid (with real examples)!

To the right

The difference is staggering. This version reads like a thought-packed summary of someone who is confident and enthusiastic about the mission. Still, he managed to capture some important details. Of course, this information will appear elsewhere on your resume, but your summary is your only chance to impress by telling a coherent story, so don't screw it up. See more examples of our success summary sectionResume Summary: A Guide With 30+ Examples You Must Check Outarticle.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (4)

expert tips

If your resume includes a cover letter, this is a much better place to include information that you would otherwise include in your resume summary

What should a work experience section on a marketing resume look like?

The experience section of your marketing resume needs to be results-oriented. No company wants to hire someone to "manage social media profiles" or "monitor PPC" when they want someone who can increase social media engagement or reduce CPC by 40%.

See the difference between these two marketing resume experience examples:


Marketing Manager

Random House Press

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (5)06/2015 - 09/2018

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (6)

Dayton, Ohio

Company Profile

  • 40% increase in organic marketing revenue in first 6 months

  • We reduced team size from 6 to 4 while increasing content output by centralizing the team and overhauling the CMS

  • We created a new SEO strategy and managed to increase our organic traffic by 43% in the first 9 months

To the right


Marketing Manager

Random House Press

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (7)06/2015 - 09/2018

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (8)

(Video) How To Write An INCREDIBLE Resume: 2023 TEMPLATE INCLUDED!

Dayton, Ohio

Company Profile

  • Increased organic marketing revenue

  • Successful introduction of new CMS

  • Create a new SEO strategy


They described the exact same experience, but by being specific, using numbers, and aligning the experience with employer-related goals, the first example performed 100% better.

You could also try mentioning instances where you learned a new marketing skill or identified an area for improvement. Demonstrating that you are self-motivated is another huge draw for most businesses looking for an entry-level marketer or even a VP of Marketing.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (9)

expert tips

See who is going to read your marketing resume and ask yourself "what's important to that person". As with any good marketing campaign, if your resume addresses a pain point for the company and the person reading your resume, you're more likely to get that job.

What should be included in a marketing resume for beginners?

If you're looking for a marketing internship or your first marketing job, creating a resume that shows your qualifications is a special challenge. Fortunately, there are many other ways to demonstrate that you have the skills and qualities needed to succeed in a marketing position.

In this example, a marketing intern demonstrated self-motivation, organizational skills, and good teamwork skills. All of these skills are extremely valuable in marketing positions, and none of them require a marketing job to demonstrate them.


self motivation

I teach myself to code using online videos so I can create simple computer games in my spare time

well organized

In my senior year of college, I worked 35 hours a week as a waiter, took 21 credits, and had a 3.85 GPA

To the right

Not to mention marketing, these skills and examples show that this person is capable of moving into an entry-level marketing position.

Check out great examples of experience resume sections in our template packsExperience the resume section guide.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (10)

expert tips

Consider certifications in areas like Hubspot or Google Analytics. These are free and show that you are a self-motivated learner.

What's the best way to incorporate your education into a marketing resume?

It's easy if you have a marketing degree. Emphasize acquired skills, internship experience, etc. If it has been more than five years since graduation, most details can be omitted.

However, many marketers have degrees in completely unrelated fields. So should they be included?

Yes, but make sure to target them as much as possible. Here's an example of someone with a history degree applying for a marketing position:


Bachelor of History

SUNY Binghamton

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (11)02/2014 - 11/2018

  • Research and write an average of 4 10-15 page dissertations per semester

  • This paper deals with the history of Coca-Cola's global advertising

  • Take 4 intensive speaking courses to develop public speaking skills

  • President of the Young Historians Club, which organizes an annual fundraiser and grows membership from 15 to 38

To the right


This field of education teaches many marketing-related skills:

  • Ability to write and research (especially timely)
  • Learn how advertising works and its history
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • organizational leadership

And all without a marketing degree or certification.

Which marketing resume keywords and skills make a difference?

In general, the skills on your resume should match those in the job description as closely as possible (more on that below). But how should you prove your skills?

First, don't just list them. Simply saying you're "hardworking" or good at "Google Analytics" doesn't mean much. Whenever possible, be sure to include examples and/or real-world examples that demonstrate your skills.

But that doesn't mean you don't have to tag them. Most larger companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This search will continue searching for the specified keywords. So channel your inner SEO writer and make sure these are in place.

So which skills should you consider?

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (12)

8 Marketing Skills You Should Put on Your Resume

  • HTML5
  • If you use a database, use SQL
  • Front-end development
  • Have a solid understanding of statistics
  • page design
  • data modeling
  • Email automation platforms like Mailchimp
  • Zapier (because what can't marketers do with it?)

For hard skills, certifications, educational experience, or examples of applying the skill to achieve results will suffice.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (13)

8 Marketing Soft Skills Every Marketer Needs

  • adaptability
  • self motivation
  • creativity
  • organize
  • work well in teams
  • Patience and persistence (especially for SEO)
  • curiosity
  • empathy

Proving you have soft skills is certainly more difficult. A dedicated section where you can list your soft skills and provide an example of when you have proven these skills to be the most effective technique.

Our technology for perfectly matching marketing resumes to job descriptions

The skills you demonstrate on your marketing resume should always be based on the job description. Here's a portion of a real marketing job description as an example:

“Core responsibilities include [[creating, implementing and tracking campaigns]] [[accomplishing the company’s sales goals]] and [[interacting with customers]]. Others include updating [[database]] contact information, researching and compiling [[mail list]] and assistance [[monthly report]].

Based on this, you can see that you need the following skills:

  • Extensive experience in every stage of creating and implementing marketing campaigns.
  • A record of achieving stated goals.
  • Customer service experience.
  • Knowledge of working with databases and SQL.
  • Familiarity with programs such as Mailchimp and experience with email marketing.
  • Writing and presentation skills show that you can write monthly reports that won't put anyone to sleep.

How should you list your certifications on a marketing resume?

Certifications in areas like Hubspot or Google Analytics are important in most marketing roles. It shows that you have mastered the most important elements of these basic tools. But where should these certifications appear on your marketing resume?

It depends. If you only have one or two certifications, you can include them in the title of your resume. If you have more of these, it makes sense to give them their own section.

The next question is: What marketing certifications should you include on your resume? Below is a top 10 list to help you get started.

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (14)

upper part

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • AMA Certified Professional Marketer
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification
  • Google Ads Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • Digital Garage: Digital Marketing Certification Fundamentals
  • W3Schools Certification in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and XML
  • Facebook Blueprint Authentication
  • YouTube Certified

Ultimately, however, it is the certifications specifically requested in the job description that matter the most. If you want them to be familiar with Google Analytics, make sure it's prominently displayed.

Highlight Your Application With a Great Marketing Cover Letter

If the job description requires you to provide a cover letter, please attach your cover letter. Otherwise you can always ignore it.

Today's application contains questions such as "why do you want to work here" or "explain why you are the best fit for us" that will make you suspiciousIs a cover letter really necessary?

Still, they will help youtell your storyIn a way, it's mesmerizing if spelled correctly.

Regardless, if a cover letter is a must, you should pay close attention to the following tips:

  • Make sure you go throughCover Letter Checklist, do not forgetwhat should be in your cover letter;
  • connectCover Letter Designwith your resume;
  • Include your cover letter addresscorrect;
  • keep an eye on yourCover Letter Length;
  • use the appropriateend of cover letter;

If you need more marketing cover letter inspiration, check out this link:Examples of Authentic Marketing Cover Letters

In conclusion, what do you need to do to create an effective marketing resume?

There's no denying that competition for marketing positions is fierce (I mean, you're competing against other marketers). But you can set yourself apart from the competition by doing the following:

  • First, analyze the job description and plan out the required resume sections
  • Choose a marketing template that balances the volume of content in your resume with appealing visuals.
  • Write a goal or summary that tells a compelling story about who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • Include concrete examples and numbers from your marketing experience to show that you can make a difference.
  • Choose skills and marketing certifications that match the job description (and provide examples of how you can use them to get results).

5 Marketing Resume Examples and Guidelines for 2023 (15)

expert tips
(Video) This resume got me offers from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon!

If you use your network or LinkedIn to get referrals for marketing jobs, your chances of getting hired will greatly increase. Try participating in online marketing groups, in-person meetings, and other marketing communities to build a network that will help you succeed.


What should a resume look like in 2023? ›

The reverse-chronological resume format.

This is the most common and practical resume format in 2023. The functional resume format is also known as the skills-based resume format. The combination resume format, or hybrid resume format, is a combination of the other two formats.

What is the best resume format for 2023? ›

There are three main resume formats—reverse-chronological, functional, and combination. The reverse-chronological is the most popular and useful in 2023, as it presents relevant information in the ideal order: from the most recent job to the oldest.

How do you make a strong marketing resume? ›

How To Write a Marketing Resume
  1. Write a compelling profile summarizing your qualifications. ...
  2. Add an accomplishment-driven professional experience section. ...
  3. Include relevant education and certifications. ...
  4. List relevant key skills and proficiencies.
Jun 7, 2023

What is a professional summary for marketing resume? ›

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your professional experiences and achievements. Experienced Marketing Executive with a strong background in developing award-winning strategies for a diverse clientele. 5+ years of industry experience includes PPC campaigns, SMM, web design, brand development, and more.

What not to include in a resume 2023? ›

Only include industry-specific terms if they're relevant. Leave off hobbies, interests, salary history, college GPA, and a list of references. Instead, include a brief summary of your qualifications and the type of role you're seeking at the top of your resume.

What skills needed in 2023? ›

7 high-income skills to learn
  • Data analysis. Analytical thinking and innovation is the top skill forecasted in the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report [2]. ...
  • Software development. ...
  • User experience. ...
  • Web development. ...
  • Project management. ...
  • Account management. ...
  • Content creation and management.
Jun 15, 2023

What is the best color for resume 2023? ›

Font – You'll want to use a professional, clean font to make your resume easy to read. Color scheme – While you can pick a color other than black, it's best to stick with muted color schemes, such as green, navy, or blue, to keep the document looking professional.

How many pages should a resume be 2023? ›

How long should your resume be in 2023? There is no perfect answer. Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long. If you have over 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a one-page.

What kind of resume do employers prefer? ›

A functional resume format leads with a list of skills and specific experience, followed by education and work history sections. This format can be useful in drawing attention away from employment gaps or a general lack of work experience. It's also effective in drawing attention away from excessive job hopping.

What are your core strengths in marketing? ›

Core Competencies for Marketing
  • Resilience. Marketing any business is about being consistent with effort. ...
  • Creativity and Innovation. Marketing is a creative endeavour. ...
  • Tech Savvy. ...
  • Coaching Skills. ...
  • Analytical Skills. ...
  • Entrepreneurial Skills. ...
  • Responsibility. ...
  • Strategic Thinking.
Jun 20, 2022

What is a good objective for a marketing resume? ›

To secure employment with a marketing agency that provides a positive learning environment to advance and implement new strategies for the company's success. Seeking an entry-level position where I can grow my skills as a marketing professional and contribute to the overall success of a company.

What is a simple objective for marketing resume? ›

To become a marketing manager in charge of a small team. I currently have experience with digital marketing strategies and would like to gain more experience in other areas. I would like to start a long-term career in marketing by joining a large company that has room for growth.

How long should a marketing resume be? ›

Keep it brief. While hiring managers often expect a lengthy resume from a senior-level marketing professional, entry-level positions should keep their resumes short. Aim to stick to one page and make sure it's to the point.

What does a good marketing CV look like? ›

It's best to highlight your relevant qualifications, marketing experience, and career accomplishments in your CV. Alternatively, you can use it to showcase your unique selling features and leave out any irrelevant information.

What should be the resume headline for marketing? ›

Resume headline for marketing manager

Certified Marketing Professional with Masters degree in Marketing & Sales|Experience in Offline & Online Marketing activities|Seeking a position of Marketing Manager to implement innovative marketing strategies & utilize 5+ years of experience.

What employers are looking for in resumes 2023? ›

Here are the top 10 skills employers are looking for in 2023:
  • Leadership. ...
  • Strong Work Ethic. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Problem-solving. ...
  • Interpersonal Skills. ...
  • Time Management. ...
  • Technical Knowledge. ...
  • Adaptability.
Feb 13, 2023

How long should a resume be in 2023? ›

How long should your resume be in 2023? There is no perfect answer. Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long. If you have over 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a one-page.

Will it be harder to find a job in 2023? ›

In Conclusion

Overall, the job market is likely to slow down in 2023 as compared to the historically low unemployment rates of 2022. This is considered a return to normal economic conditions. However, new jobs will be created, and there will be opportunities for diligent job seekers to find work.


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