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A degree in kinesiology, the study of body movement, is excellent preparation for a variety of careers related to exercise science and medicine. For people interested in health and athletics, a degree in kinesiology can serve as a stepping stone to a job in sports as a trainer or coach, in medicine as a physical therapist or chiropractor, or even in business as a sales representative. or dealer for a company that produces and distributes health and sports products.

Here is a list of 12 potential jobs for kinesiology graduates:

Most common jobs for kinesiology students

1. Health Educator

Health educators teach individuals and groups about health and wellness practices, provide general information and tips on living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding risky behavior, and nutrition. Health educators can also create and teach health and wellness classes, write books or pamphlets about health practices, and even work with patients to create health care plans. Most health educators need at least a bachelor's degree. Health educators can also choose to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), which is earned by completing an exam.

average annual salary:$ 53.940

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job:5%

2. Physical trainer

Fitness Instructors conduct group fitness classes and provide private fitness training for individuals. Fitness instructors can lead a variety of exercise classes such as cardio, strength training, stretching, aerobics and more. They also often provide guidance related to injury prevention, nutrition, and general health. There is not always an educational requirement to become a physical trainer, although many employers, including gyms and exercise facilities, are increasingly looking for applicants with a bachelor's degree in subjects such as kinesiology or exercise science.

average annual salary:$ 39.210

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job: 9%

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3. Exercise Physiologist

Exercise physiologists design fitness programs for patients recovering from chronic illness or injury. They design specialized exercises that are tailored to the medical needs of their patients, who may suffer from a variety of conditions, such as lung or cardiovascular disease, that restrict their ability to move or make it difficult to exercise. Most exercise physiologists have private practices or are self-employed. Others work in hospitals, doctors' offices or clinics. To become an exercise physiologist, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree. Certification is not required to practice in most US states. Louisiana is the only state that requires a license.

average annual salary:$ 49.090

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job:N / D

12 jobs for kinesiology graduates | The University Network (1)

Specialized/Exclusive Work for Kinesiology Students

4. Physiotherapist

Physical therapists work with patients to recover from physical injury or illness, helping them gradually regain control over their body and pain. Becoming a physical therapist requires advanced training. You will need to complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program which usually takes 3 years. Many also complete a clinical residency program, which typically lasts about a year.

average annual salary:$ 86.850

Common Entry Level Note:Doctor's Degree in Physiotherapy

Probability that robots will take your job: 2%

5. Chiropractor

Chiropractors are specialists in the neuromusculoskeletal system. They use a variety of non-invasive and holistic therapies and techniques to treat their patients. Chiropractic is considered alternative or holistic medicine, and chiropractors are not doctors. They do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery, but treat the conditions with manual spinal adjustments and manipulation. However, they undergo extensive training. To become a licensed chiropractor, you will need to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree and pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) exam.

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average annual salary:$ 68.640

Common Entry Level Note:Doctor of Chiropractic and NBCE exam

Probability that robots will take your job: 3%

6. Dietician or Nutritionist

Dieticians and nutritionists are food and nutrition specialists who create customized diets for clients or patients based on their nutritional and health needs. Most dietitians work in a clinical setting, whether in a hospital, outpatient care center or private practice, working with individual patients to promote their overall health or manage illness. Others are employed by the government or organization and are tasked with planning dietary programs or advising policymakers and authorities on health and nutrition issues. Nutritionists usually have at least a bachelor's degree and sometimes an advanced degree. Many states also require nutritionists to be licensed to practice.

average annual salary:$ 59.410

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job: 0,4%

Non-Traditional Jobs for Kinesiology Students

7. Recreational therapist

Recreational therapists use games and activities to help patients struggling with a variety of disabilities, illnesses, injuries or mental conditions. They participate in a variety of activities with patients, which may include sports, games, dance, or arts and crafts. They can also provide emotional support to patients, family and friends. To become a recreational therapist, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree. Some employers also look for candidates with Official Certification from the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation (NCTRC).

average annual salary:$ 47.680

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

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Probability that robots will take your job: 0,3%

8. Health and Wellness Sales Representative

Kinesiology students who have an interest in business may choose to look for a job as a sales representative for health and wellness products. In this role, you can work for a variety of companies that produce health and wellness products such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, exercise products, or even pharmaceuticals. Employers are often looking for candidates with some level of knowledge about their product or field of business. Becoming a sales representative only requires a bachelor's degree, although some may opt for a higher education in marketing or business.

average annual salary:$ 56.970

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job: 85%

9. Sports Merchant

Sports marketers are marketers who work for sports teams, sportswear companies, and other sports and fitness-related businesses and organizations. As with all marketing professions, the job of a sports marketer primarily involves designing and executing various types of promotional and advertising campaigns to elevate the public perception of their employer. As kinesiology students bring knowledge about sports and exercise science, they are particularly suited to promoting sports products. To find a job in sports marketing with a kinesiology degree, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree with additional courses in marketing and business.

average annual salary:$ 63.230

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job: 61%

Other potential jobs for kinesiology students

10. doctor

Some kinesiology students may choose to apply to medical school with the goal of becoming a doctor. Doctors, or physicians, are professionals who examine and diagnose patients and treat injuries and illnesses. The term "physician" refers to a wide range of physicians which may include general practitioners and family practitioners who treat a variety of everyday conditions and illnesses, pediatricians who treat children and young adults, general internists who provide non-surgical treatment for that affect the internal organs. , or a wide range of specialists who are experienced and treat specific organs or conditions. Becoming a doctor takes a lot of time and hard work. After obtaining your bachelor's degree, you will need to take theMedical College Admission Test (MCAT), attend medical school for 4 years and earn a medical degree, then complete a residency program, which typically takes 3-7 years, depending on your specialty.

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average annual salary:Varies by specialty; $198,740 for family doctor

Common Entry Level Note: Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Probability that robots will take your job: 0,4%

11. Athletic Coach

Athletic trainers are professionals who work with athletes of all ages and levels to prevent, diagnose, and treat muscle and bone injuries and diseases. They are not doctors, but rather the first step in treating sports injuries, providing first aid and emergency care and assisting in the rehabilitation process. To become an athletic trainer, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree. Some employers may prefer or even require a master's degree. Most states also require Commission on Accreditation for Education in Athletic Training (CAATE) certification.

average annual salary:$ 46.630

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

Probability that robots will take your job: 0,7%

12. Coach

Coaches teach amateur and professional athletes how to play their sports and train them to perform well. They run drills, write game plans, set plays and make game management decisions. They usually also assist in prospecting and recruiting athletes. Trainers can work at the elementary, college, semiprofessional, and professional levels. Most coaches are employed by schools, universities or professional sports teams. Most coaching positions require a bachelor's degree, although options are available for individuals without a degree but with extensive gaming experience at the highest levels of their sport. Coaches often have gaming experience, but it's not always necessary.

average annual salary:$ 32.270

Common Entry Level Note:Graduation

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Probability that robots will take your job: 1,3%

10 famous people who studied kinesiology

  1. Bill Fitch, professional basketball coach
  2. Terry Fox, athlete and cancer research activist
  3. Carl August Georgii, cinesiologista
  4. guest chaz, artist
  5. Marv Levy, professional football coach
  6. Eva Longoria, actress
  7. Nils Posse, kinesiologist
  8. Bao Quach, mixed martial arts fighter
  9. Trish Stratus, WWE Wrestler
  10. Nancy Williams, kinesiologist

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